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Knitted and Crocheted Gift Ideas & Free Gift Tags

Sharing a variety of knitted and crocheted gift ideas, as well as free, printable gift tags to accompany your knit gift. Adding a ‘handmade’ tag adds something special to any gift.

If you are anything like me, the majority of your knit and crochet projects end up as gifts to friends and family. I used to gift sweaters, but when styles changed or the recipient outgrew the sweater, I’ve got to be honest…it poked my heart a bit.

So, I’ve switched to making blankets, potholder and washcloths to give as knitted and crocheted presents. Not only are these knitted and crocheted gifts ideas useful, but I’ve yet to meet the person who has too many washcloths or too many blankets. And on top of that, they are a one-size-fits-all kind of gift!

Oh, and one more thing…blankets and washcloths just never go out-of-style!

So, if you are looking for some easy knitting and crocheting projects for gifts, you’ve come to the right place! And to make your handmade presents just a wee bit more special (although I know it is already special enough), download these free, printable gift tags to accompany your gift.

Knit washcloth and a bar of green soap in a gold wire basket.

There are 2 styles of these crochet and knitting tags; bands to wrap around washcloths, dishcloths or handtowel and circle ‘handmade’ gift tags to tie on blankets, throws or purses.

knitted gift ideas

So, let’s start with ideas for some knitting presents…

Knit washcloth and a bar of green soap in a gold wire basket.
Chinese Wave Knit Washcloth Pattern
A Chinese Wave Knit Washcloth Pattern with Crocheted Picot Edge…perfect for gifting or for your own ‘home spa.’ The Chinese Wave Stitch creates a nice texture and a beautiful knit washcloth.
Check out this project
Beige daisy stitch washcloths in a wire mesh basket.
Daisy Stitch Knit Washcloth Pattern
Quickly knit up several washcloths with this Daisy Stitch Knit Washcloth Pattern. They make the perfect for gifts or for your own use.
Check out this project
A folded washcloth with a bowl tied around it.
How to Make Hand Knit Washcloths
A very simple pattern for hand-knit washcloths, perfect for gifting or for your own use.
Check out this project
Folded white knit washcloth.
Knit a Diagonal Basket Weave Washcloth
The mechanics of the diagonal basketweave stitch is truly like weaving as you skip stitches and work the front and backs of stitches. This lovely washcloth makes a great gift.
Check out this project
A blanket and trim made with Super Bulky Weight
Knitted Blanket Pattern: Half-Linen Stitch & Faux Fur
This Knitted Blanket Pattern uses the half-linen stitch knit with size 19 circular needles and is trimmed with a faux fur applied i-cord.
Check out this project
I ❤ this blanket! Instructions and a quick video showing how to make this DIY Knit Blanket using the Diagonal Basketweave Stitch. Perfect DIY tutorial for your home decor or to give as a gift.
DIY Knit Blanket with Diagonal Basketweave Stitch
Instructions and a quick video showing how to DIY Knit Blanket using the Diagonal Basketweave Stitch. The Diagonal Basket Weave Stitch creates a lovely woven knitting pattern, resulting in a throw perfect for your home or for gifting.
Check out this project
Knit Eyelet Baby Blanket in a gift box with a silver rattle.
Knit Baby Blanket Pattern with Cloverleaf Eyelet Stitch
A charming knit baby blanket pattern using the cloverleaf eyelet stitch and finished using a cloverleaf crochet edge. Instructional video showing how to knit the cloverleaf eyelet stitch and crochet cloverleaf edge
Check out this project
I love a big, chunky knit blanket. Illustrated instructions (with video) to diy a tasseled thick, cozy and chunky knit blanket...a simple one day project.
DIY A Thick, Cozy, Chunky Knit Blanket…in one day!
A free, downloadable Super Chunky Knit Blanket Pattern that can be knit in a day…with flagpoles. And scroll down for some suggested yarns for big, chunky knit blankets.
Check out this project
Knit purse on a wooden table with keychain
Knit Purse Pattern
This Knit Purse Pattern uses the Half-Linen Stitch for the body of the purse. This easy to make handbag is lined and features detachable leather handles for easy washing. My mom has requested one of these purses for her Mother's Day gift!
Check out this project
White knit pillow with white Christmas trees and gold stars.
Knit Pillow Pattern: Christmas Trees & Pom Poms
Download this free Knit Pillow Pattern to add cozy pillows to your Christmas decor and/or give as gifts this holiday season. Complete with White on White Christmas Trees, Gold Embroidered Stars, and Gold Speckled Pom Poms, this Christmas Pillow will be a hit with everyone. Basic Knit and Purl skills are all that is needed to make this festive knitted pillow for your holiday home decor
Check out this project
Plum cake held with two potholders.
Knit Potholder Pattern Using the Linen Stitch
Enjoy knitting this free knit potholder pattern that uses the linen stitch for its lovely and flat design. Potholders are always a welcome gift.
Check out this project
Overhead shot of Crochet Potholder on a black pot with a wooden spoon.
Crochet Potholder Pattern using the Thermal Stitch
This free crochet potholder pattern uses the thermal stitch for a double-thick fabric without having to crochet two separate pieces.
Check out this project
Lemon Peel Crochet Washcloths
Crochet Washcloth Pattern Using Lemon Peel Stitch
This Crochet Washcloth Pattern is suitable for beginner or experienced crocheters. For those new to crochet, a video showing step by step how to crochet this Lemon Peel Stitch Dishcloth with a Crocheted Scalloped Edge
Check out this project
i-cord trivet.
I-Cord Knit Trivet Pattern
This tutorial shows you how to knit an i-cord with double pointed needles and then how to coil the knit i-cord to make a lovely and useful trivet. This Free I-Cord Knit Trivet Pattern features step-by-step and illustrated instructions to ensure your i-cord success!
Check out this project
Two garter stitch trivets with a loaf of bread
Garter Stitch Trivet Pattern
With this Free, Knit Garter Stitch Trivet Pattern and a spool of rope, you could knit several handy trivets in a day!
Check out this project
Free Christmas Knitting Patterns
Sharing twelve Free Christmas Knitting Patterns, perfect to use in your holiday home or for giving to others.
Check out this project
A knit totebag.

Once you have knitted the gift, use one of these printable tags to accompany it. I use the long ‘wraps’ for my washcloths and dishcloths, but they would be equally useful on a knit or crochet handtowel.

knitted washcloths with free printable gift tags

The printable gift tag sheets come with these three designs. Print them on a piece of cardstock, cut them into 2.5″ STRIPS, wrap them around your washcloth, and tape the back with scotch tape.

How easy is that?

punch out gift tags to use on knitted gifts

I like the circle tags for blankets, throws and the purse. These tags are 2.4″ in diameter, so a 2.5″ circle paper punch is perfect.

tags on blanket, a great knit gift

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I used 65# cardstock in Kraft for these specific tags. Cream-colored 65# cardstock is another one that I often use as well. And I find my very inexpensive paper cutter comes in handy when cutting strips like this in straight lines.

use paper cutter to cut gift tags

You can access these free, printable gift tags one of two ways. Subscribers can pop over to the Subscriber Benefits Library Once you sign in, click on ‘Gift Tag Printables’ which will take you right to…you guessed it…Gift Tags! If you’ve forgotten the super secret password, no problem! I include it at the bottom of every New from the Nest email that arrives in your email inbox on Mondays.

Or you can click on the buttons below to get the printables you want. A window will open where you pop in your email address and I’ll send you the link to the free, printables:

Clicking this button will have the knit washcloth & dishcloth wraps and the circle knit gift tags sent to your email inbox.

Clicking this button will have the crochet washcloth & dishcloth wraps sent to your email inbox

Another gift tag option is this knit care tag. You can detail the yarn fiber content and the washing instructions on this tag.

If you want to be ‘in the knit know’ and you’d like to be notified of the publication of any knit or crochet pattern before the rest of the world, you can do that here.

Bookmark this page or pin the following image to refer back to these Knitted Gift Ideas, as well as the Free, Printable Gift Tags.

Three knit gift ideas including a blanket, a purse and a washcloth.
A zippered pouch.
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