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Monday Musings, March 30

Well, hello my friends! I am so thankful that we can still catch up every Monday!

As with everything in life, perspective is EVERYTHING. With that in mind, I want to share a little story with you that will I hope will put a smile on your face.

First, the backstory…in a nutshell. My mom and dad moved to a retirement community 2 years ago when it became painfully obvious that my dad’s progressing Alzheimer’s necessitated them paring down their responsibilities.

After almost 1.5 years at their new home, once again it was heart-wrenchingly clear that for both my mom’s and my dad’s safety and well-being, we needed to move dad to the memory care unit attached to their retirement community. After 61 years of marriage to her very best friend, this transition has been REALLY tough on mom, to say the least.

But, we are blessed that it is a mere 5 minute (if that) walk for mom and their dog Bernie to get to dad. They established a routine where the 2 of them would hang out with dad every day and mom was slowly adjusting to her new normal.

Then, ‘all this’ happened and dad’s facility has been locked down for 2 weeks and mom hasn’t been able to visit with him. We can’t visit either of them and mom hasn’t left her community for 10 days, primarily staying in her apartment. We encouraged her to stay with us, but my son and daughter moving back made our home a risky place and she wanted to be close to dad if she was needed. I take groceries to her and leave, without any contact. Like many, mom is now confined to the 4 walls of her apartment, all by herself. We chat multiple times a day, but still…

So on one of our calls one day this past week, mom greeted me by telling me it was already, at 10:30 a.m., a great day.

Me: Super! Tell me about it!

Mom: Well, to start with, I am enjoying one of the best omelets I have ever made!

Me: Great! Good omelets are a good thing, for sure!

Mom: And then, I thought I had lost one of my earbuds, but I found it!

Me: That’s fantastic!

Mom: And then, our community activity coordinator figured out how to use the in-house TV and she is televising exercise routines twice a day. Today was the first day, so I got out in my den in my gym clothes and by the end of the workout, I worked up such a sweat that I had to strip down to my bra!

Me: I cannot even imagine how your day could get better!

Mom: But it did because I just chatted with one of the nurses on dad’s floor and he slept well last night!

I can’t begin to describe how my heart swelled with love and pride for my mom and the way she is handling this situation with grace and humor. She is finding joy in the simple things; a brilliant reminder that perspective is EVERYTHING! (p.s. I did get mom’s permission to share this with you…)

Twenty-two useful and fun things you can do when you have to stay at home.

Now is a really good time to manage your food! How to keep your produce fresh, longer and freezer and refrigerator organization that works.

What a great time to start knitting this sweet eyelet baby blanket if you know you’ll need one in the near future.

Put some tomatoes in your on-line grocery cart and some canning jars and lids in your Amazon cart and you could be whipping up several batches of this outstanding smoky and spicy tomato jam during your free time!

I know you have time to put a pork shoulder on your grill for some OUTSTANDING Pulled BBQ Pork.

My friend Kathleen, equally gracious and grounded as my mom, has a post with suggestions and recipes for stocking your pantry and freezer during ‘times like these’. As much as I appreciated her recipes, it was this that I needed to hear:

When this is over, may we never again take for granted
A handshake with a stranger 
Full shelves at the store 
Conversations with neighbors
A crowded theater 
Friday night out
The taste of communion
A routine check-up
The rush each morning 
Coffee with a friend
The stadium roaring
Each deep breath
Life itself. 

When this ends, may we find that we have become more like the people we wanted to be, we were called to be, we hope to be and we stay that way-better for each other because of the worst. Author Unknown

Stay safe and healthy my friends! I’ll ‘see’ you next week.


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  1. Thank you Lynn! Your Mom’s story touched my heart. It should be a great day. I am on it. A scavenger hunt with my little grandson. ( probably in the rain). Sometimes a gentle reminder to see the joy right in front of you. Knitting of course during his nap Not doing chores👏 . Reconnected with cousins across the states, they found me after 42 yrs. . Enjoy your day Lynn.

    1. Hi Deb! I LOVE that you have reconnected with your cousins after 42 years! Gave me goosebumps! See, without this virus, that may not happened! And how fun to have a scavenger hunt, even in the rain! Guess that’s why we have raincoats! Right?

      Thanks for popping in my friend! Wishing you a fantastic day.



  2. No smoker; but I have used your crockpot pulled pork recipe since we first had it at your house. Miss you guys!
    Love to all! Pam

    1. Hey there Pam!

      You don’t need a smoker…can use wood chips wrapped in aluminum foil! But it is good stuff no matter how you make it!

      I know you two are staying safe! We will see you on the flipside!



  3. You and your Mom are an inspiration. Thanks for posting an uplifting story. Sometimes, it’s all about just staying positive and the “little things,” that together make a big thing and a great day!

    1. Aw, thanks Sue! My mom is a great role model! Without a doubt, I really won the parent lottery! I am so glad that the little story may have brightened your day! That’s my goal. Stay safe and healthy my friend.



  4. Thanks for your very uplifting post!
    Now that I’ve got the time…, I want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed your recipes and ideas.
    I made the your olive recipe and cranberry conserve, and others.
    Thanks so much, and keep up the good work!

    1. Aw Jeanene!

      You are so very welcome! I was so happy to share this wee anecdote with you all.

      And which olive recipe? I love olives, so have shared 2 of our favs…the marinated Castelvetrano olives and the roasted olives with feta. I don’t know which one I love more?

      And if you loved that cranberry conserve, may I suggest that you try the pickled cranberries? I know it sounds…different. But oh my, they are sooooo good. Guess you may have to wait a bit, not sure your grocery store is delivering cranberries in March! 😉 But…you have something to look forward to!

      Thanks again for writing in Jeanene! I do love this ‘job’ of mine, but really love it with readers like you.

      Have a great day my friend.



    1. Hi Gail,

      Thanks…but all credit goes to mom! She is a rock and after our conversation, I just knew I wanted to share it with you all!

      I trust you are taking care of yourself!



  5. That was beautiful… What a light of hope! When we can see the good in all situations, we grow and discover we can get through any situation. Simplicity is a beautiful thing…

    1. So very true my friend! And you are my role model in terms of simplicity! But, I truly won the parent lottery with my two, and my mom is a rock! A native of Pittsburgh and a Navy wife for 26 years, there aren’t many challenges that mom can’t meet.

      Be safe my friend! Are you fully sustained by your land now?



  6. I was feeling blue today even though I am healthy and have everything I need and my family is safe. I just needed your story to realize again how blessed I am everyday.
    It’s hard to stay up everyday with all of the horrible news around us.
    Your posts are always a positive light in my day.
    Thank you.

    1. Aw Leslie, you just made my day! It is completely natural to get blue with all the news of the day and we do need to remind ourselves of the good stuff. I am thrilled that my mom’s story may have added a wee bit of joy in your day.

      I don’t know what your weather is, but I have found that the more I can get outside and work in the yard, with no news but with great tunes playing, I am really able to actually forget all the bad stuff going on. In fact, I am keeping the news off for most of the day, just checking in at the beginning and end of each day.

      Keep your chin up, my friend.

      We will get through this!

      Many hugs, Lynn

  7. For once I am relieved that my mom is living at home (alone at almost 96 – her choice). Three of my siblings are cautiously feeding and checking in on her. I was actually more worried about my single daughter who lives alone in the city, is working from home , and *is* following the “shelter at home” protocol. She said she was actually doing really well as people seemed to be making a point of checking in on her (FaceTime, Skype, etc). In fact, she, her brother and his girlfriend played a virtual board game a couple of weeks ago at the beginning of this adventure – making the best of a bad situation.

    1. Hi Margot…96 and living at home! Your mom is a rock star! And love that your kids are finding ways to ‘hang out’ safely! And you are right…we have to make the best of a bad situation.

      Thanks for writing in today, my friend.

      Stay safe!



  8. Hi Lynn, loved the story about your mom and dad. Your mom sounds so fun! And just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I’ve been working on your beautiful Linen Stitch Throw – well, I’m trying to work on it. I have to keep unknitting because I lose track of what I’ve just done unless I’m really concentrating, haha. Watching Ozark is not a good idea while knitting, just saying. But I love the look of this blanket. So pretty. Thank you for such a positive post!

    1. Aw, thanks Janice! I am blessed beyond measure…surely won the ‘Parent Lottery’! And I am so glad that you find some enjoyment from the blog! I really do love this little blog job of mine, but it all the more enjoyable when I know that there are readers like you on the other end of my musings who find them entertaining or useful!

      You do need to stay on track with that blanket! But it really is beautiful! And we just finished watching Season 3 Ozark too! Oh my, so good! Did you finish Season 3?

      Stay safe my friend!



  9. These are such strange times we are in right now. Almost seem like something we should be watching form afar and not in our own homes. But, it is and I too believe we will come through better, stronger and kinder.
    The story of your mom and dad was sweet balm to the soul. thank you for sharing!!

    1. Hi Leslie,

      It does seem rather ‘out of body’, doesn’t it!? And we will learn (well, I hope we will) from this experience and be better.

      And Mom and Dad are hanging in there. Mom is concerned that dad will not remember her at all when this is all said and done, which is heartbreaking. The nurses try to set up a facetime between mom and dad, but that is just too much for him to grasp. I guess it is what it is. But it is a sad, ‘what it is’.

      Stay safe my friend.



  10. I’ve been thinking about you and your dad on lockdown and your mama. I’m glad she is adapting ❤️. Hope you are well and hope your kids are ok and happy to be with their mom and dad–nice to have family under one roof right now. Thinking of you and sending hugs!

    1. Hi sweet friend! Mom is adapting…so proud of her. Been scrounging up jigsaw puzzles to keep her busy…she’s plowing through them!

      Hugs and Kisses (socially distanced, of course!)


  11. Your story was very inspiring. Here I was feeling sorry for myself without human contact most of the time but then I realized that our 9 person family text group is staying in touch so much more everyday than before all this began. It is really fun to even share what we are making for dinner! Especially with my mother-in-law who is 90 and still cooks a nice dinner for herself every night. Parents are so great no matter how you get them. Take care, Penny

    1. So very true Penny! And kudos to your MIL! That generation is tougher than we give them credit for!

      Love your idea of the group text. We haven’t done that yet, but hope to get a group happy hour tonight or tomorrow night.

      Thanks for writing in my friend.

      Take care of yourself and your loved ones!



  12. Lynn, this is such a lovely message of perspective in this difficult time. I am so blessed to have my parents living in the apartment above our garage. Today my husband and I went out for groceries and did not just buy for us, but for them, too. They need to stay home. My husband made them sit in their recliners as he stepped inside their front door and left their groceries for them. God bless you and your mom and dad!

    1. Thanks Chloe!

      You are so lucky to have your parents so close. While my parents are only 5 miles away, right now that is a FAR 5 miles. And your hubby sounds like the perfect SIL…in general, we need to take care of our ‘greatest generation’…they are our treasures.

      Stay safe my friend!

      (Socially Distanced) Hugs…Lynn

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