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Monday Musings, May 11

Good Morning, Glories!

Today has already been a BIG day, and it’s not even 10 a.m.

I took an early shower, attempted to style my too long and gray rooted hair, remembered how to apply makeup, put on perfume, jewelry and a cute dress.

I then reviewed my mask options to decide which one would coordinate best with my dress; the ubiquitous white paper mask or the custom-made fabric mask adorned with cows jumping over the moon? I decided to go with the ever-chic cow mask. (Which begs the question, are we going to have an assortment of masks to coordinate with our outfits like we do scarves and purses?)

And then, I ventured out.

So, what prompted this early morning attempt at ‘gussyeying’ up?

My 8 a.m. pre-Colonoscopy prep appointment was the reason for all the excitement this morning. TMI? Just keeping it real here.

But, I’m home now and am keeping my dress, jewelry, and makeup on for the remainder of the day…just because.

So many of you sent me kind notes after I shared that I was feeling blue last Monday as it was my dad’s birthday. I just wanted to update you that, according to the caregivers in the Memory Care Unit, my dad LOVED the balloons I took over and held on to them all day. My heart soared with that report.

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I am making some progress on my Quarantine To-Do list!

  • Sourdough Starter...I wasted way too much flour on this boondoggle. I’m officially done.
  • Finish 2 Paintings…I have finished one!
  • Finish the Sofa Table/Console…OK…I did finish it and I am rather tickled with how it turned out! I still have to attach the top to the base, but I just finally got a good, clean finish on it yesterday and want to let it dry for a couple of days before I do anything that might mess it up. I’ll be sharing how I marbleized and finished this table in the near future.
  • Paint a chest that belonged to my dad…I have filled in more gouges and now that the table is done, the chest will get more of my attention.
  • Create 3 new knit and crochet patterns…still only one, but I have one in the works.
  • Read “Atomic Habits”nope
  • List some stuff on eBay…nope

If you want to tiptoe into canning or are just looking for a simple, but delicious plum jam, then you check out this recipe for Easy Plum Jam. I have also included some suggested ‘flavorings’ if you want to put your own spin on your jam.

Ten questions to ask yourself when decluttering!

Perhaps one of the most unique Mother’s Day gifts I ever received was a compost tea brewer! Terry built it for me and shared his plans and instructions if you are so inclined.

A very Spring-y cookie

How to keep produce fresher, longer.

Mom had requested this knit purse as a Mother’s Day gift.

TIP: While I don’t really like beer…at all…I do use it in recipes from time to time. I have a chili recipe that just isn’t the same without a little beer and we always cook our shrimp in beer. If I just need a little bit of can for something I’m cooking, I put the rest in a jar in my freezer! Sure, it gets flat…but it still imparts the flavor I’m looking for.

Well my friends, enjoy the rest of your day! I guess I may have to change out of my dress if I’m going to work on that chest today.

See you next week…


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  1. I’m sorry you had to scrap your sour dough starter. I started one about a month ago and had to scrap mine too. Such a waste right now. But then I came across a video on line. Patrick Ryan – a lawyer turned baker in Ireland. The video was awesome and since viewing it I have successfully made many loaves. He has a shorten version (using much less flour & discarding only a little). I also made some awesome
    sour dough waffles with the discard. Here’s the link to the video. ” Sourdough Bread Masterclass With Patrick Ryan – ILoveCooking”. I hope you enjoy it, and try again.

    I really enjoy your blog.

    Cheryl W

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      I am definitely going to watch Patrick Ryan’s videos! It’s a bit of sore spot with me that I couldn’t get that starter going, so I know I will need to try again…but not until I go to counseling to come to grips with this last failure (and save up a bunch of money for flour!)! 😂 Thanks for the tip, my friend. We need a support group for failed sourdough starters!



  2. Well you’ve certainly had a busy morning. And really how fun to dress up to go out especially now. My friend and I were just texting yesterday about wearing dresses more often. I see some that just look fun and comfortable but I guess you would call me a “tomboy” (no thats not right, far from boy), anyway I usually end up working in the yard and dresses just don’t work for me out there.
    My you certainly keep yourself busy and thats a good thing during these times. I’m working on a knitted blanket, got all done except doing side borders. I’m new at this so have been watching videos on how to pick up stitches. Think I have the math part down….maybe. Raining today so will pick it up and try.
    Have fun doing the chest!

    1. Hi Juanita!

      Like you, I spend my days in comfy pants and shirts…rarely putting a dress or makeup on. But it was nice, for a change! And it does seem we have been busy. With my parents and my 2 kids figuring out what’s next, it is keeping us busy. Better than the alternative.

      Hope you were able to get some knitting done. As it turned out, my daughter was accepted to medical school shortly after I sent that email on Monday, so our day was blissfully Overtaken By Events!

      Take care, my friend. And stay safe.



  3. Great tip for the beer! We don’t buy it much although I do like a really cold beer on a very hot day once in a while! The white belgian by Blue Moon is my favorite – with a slice of orange on the rim in a frosty glass. I love your cow mask! You look great in it! I’m with you on the sourdough – I’ve wasted so much flour trying to make it work. I did bake a few loaves of bread and they were pretty good but I’m sticking with yeast bread for now. Maybe some day I will order a sourdough starter from Breadtopia or King Arthur and see if I can keep it going. I’m plugging away on the linen stitch blanket, I’m a very slow knitter (obviously!). Do have eight chicks! That was a goal that we had. Still no coop, my breezeway is filled with chicken stuff! Nice time to do this with no visitors coming to the house, haha. Love your table! Stay safe, Jan in MA

    1. Hi Janice,

      Soooooo glad to hear that you are joining me in the ‘failed sourdough starter’ club! I mean, how hard can it be? I fear that I will need to attempt it again, but it will be a while. Maybe buying the starter is the way to go…

      Jealous about your chicks! Do they stay on the breezeway? I know nothing about raising chickens, but would love to someday.

      And isn’t that cow mask too adorable! They have come in handy!

      Stay safe, my friend.



  4. Beautiful table and love the knitted purse pattern you shared. I have so many projects to do. Thank you

    1. Hi Maura,

      When we finish one project, it seems another pops right up! Isn’t that so? I love that console. It just really finishes the room beautifully! I’ll be sharing it soon, so stay on the look out.

      Have a great day my friend.



  5. I love how the console came out – just beautiful. I have so many projects that I can’t get to, including two knitting patterns from you! As a nurse, I don’t have enough time at home to get to everything – but I’m hoping….

    1. Hi Barbara,

      These projects are not going anywhere and as a nurse, I think you have more important things to be doing! I’m tickled with that console! Getting ready to do a whole post about it.

      Stay safe my friend!! I hope you are in a relatively safe part of the country.



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