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Mossy Spring Table Decor Ideas

I channeled all things mossy & green for my spring centerpiece and spring table decor. Cricut helped me craft napkin rings to round out my moss decor ideas.

Happy day my friends. How about some Spring Table Decor ideas today?

When I said I was channeling ‘all things mossy’ this year…I really wasn’t joking. I’m all about mossy decor ideas this spring. 

My front door wreath and front porch were the first to get the’mossy decor’ treatment. 

And once I got started, it seems I just couldn’t stop. 

Part of the problem is that I discovered ‘Scotch Moss’ at my local hardware store and realized there are just so many uses for it. No joke, I went back to the hardware store 3 times to pick up more moss; I just kept finding more ways to use it. I couldn’t stop the moss decor ideas from filling my head.

Spring Table Decor: Front porch moss decor ideas

This little plant is filling our spring front porch planters in nicely.

And is just about perfect tucked into a little galvanized trough I keep on our breezeway.

Spring Table Decor ideas: Using Scotch Moss in my home and porch decor
Spring table decor: Moss decor ideas on table urn

And, nestled in my Grandmother’s milk glass urns, this moss was the starting point for the moss decor on my dining room spring table decor ideas.

Spring Table Decor: Moss and fern-filled Silver punchbowl makes spring centerpiece

Those moss-filled urns are just about perfect partners for the silver punch bowl my mom gave me, which is filled with ferns and reindeer moss and makes a perfect spring centerpiece.

I wanted to capitalize on that beautiful, mossy green in my spring table decor.

Spring Table Decor: Moss filled urn
Spring Table Decor: Spring centerpiece flanked by moss filled urns

Pro Tip: I used packaging air pillows to fill the punch bowl and then covered it with the reindeer moss.

Spring Table Decor: Spring centerpiece, moss-filled urns and moss napkin ring
Mossy Spring Table Decor

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My white Juliska plates are perfect with the milk glass, silver, and mossy green…the combination is fresh and bright enough for any spring table decor.

I am just starting to realize all the many ways I can use my Cricut Explore Air 2; these napkin rings are just one of the ways. Having a tool like this that lets me easily and spontaneously follow my creative whims is really a dream come true for the crafting and diy geek in me. 

Spring Table Decor: close-up of moss decor napkin ring

In this case, I wanted just another pop of green on the plates to help round out the moss decor table decor idea.

I found these square napkins rings on Amazon, which I can see being useful for so many occasions.  They can be easily reused, but they are also reasonably enough priced that I will probably keep some on hand for when I need a base for other napkin rings.

I used the ‘grass‘ that was leftover from the Welcome Sign I made for my front porch and cut a border pattern (Ribbons and Rosettes) that is available in the Cricut Access library. And here’s a problem for a decision-challenged lass like myself…there are over 2500 borders to choose from in the Cricut Access library. It’s like Baskin-Robbins times 80!

Finally, I just had to say, “Lynn, for heaven’s sake, just chose one!

I sprayed adhesive to the backs of the borders, but you could easily use zots as well.

Moss Decor Ideas: Using Cricut to make moss napkin rings

Then it was simple to attach the borders to the napkin rings.

Moss Decor Ideas: Using Cricut to make moss napkin rings

Cricut Pro Tip: Using a material that ‘sheds’ will leave bits of stuff behind on your adhesive Cricut mat. You can easily clean it off with baby wipes. I keep a package of the generic, store brand wipes in my office to keep my mats clean.

Spring Table Decor: Plates and table settings with moss decor ideas and spring centerpiece

My table is ready for Springtime entertaining, with all its moss and greenery.

I’ll be keeping the plants, birds, mossy stones and votives up for some time as I think this spring centerpiece will transition well into Summer. That is until I get a bee in my bonnet and decide to change it up.

Spring Table Decor: close up of spring centerpiece and moss decor ideas

Pin it for your future reference!

I'm loving all things greenery and mossy in my home decor. Great ideas for using these colors and textures for my spring table decor.

Are you looking for other ideas to decorate your house this spring? Check out these other spring decor ideas I have collected for you!

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  1. Oh Lynn! I love the mossy tablescape. And those napkin rings are so clever. This would be a perfect table for Easter , Mother’s Day or any spring celebration. It’s sooooo good.

    1. Thanks Jenny! I hope I can keep this table going for several months…it is so lovely and vibrant.

      So glad you popped to visit.

      Hugs, Lynn

    1. That Cricut is so darn useful and fun! And I am all about moss right now, hope you have a an opportunity to start using it too.

      Hugs Lynn

  2. I am LOVING all the moss decor, so keep it coming! And I had no idea that they sell moss at hardware stores; I may have to make a trip to my local store soon 😀

    1. Thanks Liz…It is really so lovely and vibrant…and thus far very easy to grow. I think you’ll enjoy growing it.

      Thanks for swinging by.

      Hugs, Lynn

  3. Lynn, Your table is beautiful with all the greenery and moss; and your napkin holders turned out so great! Happy Easter, my friend!

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