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9 Rosemary Cocktail Recipes

I am back today with more recipes for Cocktails from the Garden. Specifically, I am sharing with you 9 Rosemary Cocktail Recipes that I have gathered from some talented and creative mixologists!

If you’ve been reading Nourish and Nestle for any length of time, you know that I am the self-proclaimed president of the I ❤ Rosemary fan club! There is something so wonderfully versatile about this woody/piney herb! Obviously, it works well with most savory food, but I think it really shines in sweet foods as well; my recipes for Rosemary, Fig and Nut Bread, and Rosemary Lemon Scones are just 2 delicious examples.

So I am not the least bit surprised that the wonderful Rosemary also makes a great cocktail. But don’t take my word for it! 

Rosemary Lillet Spritzer
A delightful cocktail with Rosemary Simple Syrup, Lillet Blanc and Seltzer Water
Check out this recipe
The Palace Cafe Cocktail
This Palace Cafe Cocktail is fresh, herbaceous (thanks to rosemary-infused vodka), and very refreshing.
Check out this recipe
Rosemary Greyhound Cocktails (made in batch)
Grapefruit juice, vodka, and homemade rosemary simple syrup (YUM) are mixed together and served over crushed ice. A sprig of fresh rosemary and a slice of fresh grapefruit make these cocktails look gorgeous, but they’re SO easy to make.
Check out this recipe
Rosemary Rhubarb Daiquiris
It’s not just the pleasantly sour flavor of raw rhubarb or the perky, earthy hint of rosemary that I love in this cocktail. It’s also not too sweet, very refreshing, and one recipe makes the perfect amount to fill a pitcher to share with friends.
Check out this recipe
Meyer Lemon and Rosemary Tom Collins
Meyer Lemon and Rosemary Tom Collins is a refreshing seasonal recipe that has a hint of rosemary and the bright taste of Meyer Lemon.
Check out this recipe
Rosemary Paloma
I really love this recipe for Rosemary Palomas. It has the salty tequila flavor that I love, mixed with a tart grapefruit juice and just a hint of sweetness from the rosemary-infused Triple Sec.
Check out this recipe
Sparkling Rosemary Grapefruit Gin Martini
Feel classy with this Rosemary Grapefruit Gin Martini. Homemade cocktail with gin, rosemary simple syrup, fresh grapefruit juice and sparkling bitters.
Check out this recipe
Apple Rosemary Whiskey Cocktail
This Apple Rosemary Whiskey Cocktail is like fall in a glass. This easy fall cocktail makes a whole pitcher, so it’s perfect for football parties tailgating, or game day!
Check out this recipe
Cranberry Rosemary Shrub Cocktail
A homemade cranberry shrub with hints of black pepper, rosemary, and cinnamon is combined with bourbon and seltzer for a festive and colorful drink.
Check out this recipe

Here are some other cocktails from the garden:

This Pineapple Sage Mojito is just the beginning of this perfect spring and summer cocktail. If you like Rosemary, the Rosemary Lillet Spritzer will be a warm weather favorite and the basil in these 14 Basil Cocktail Recipes creates a refreshing beverage perfect for spring and summer evenings. Here’s a collection of 11 Mint Cocktail Recipes from talented mixologists from around the internet. Enjoy!

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