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Useful Lifehacks and Tips: Five Tips Friday #9

Hey there lovelies, it’s Friday AND it’s the first Friday of the month, so let’s get this weekend started with some really useful lifehacks and tips that will hopefully help you save time, money (and possibly most importantly) your fingernails.

As a refresher, Five Tips Friday is all about useful lifehacks and great ideas with the hopes that a few of them might make your world a little simpler, a little more organized and maybe with a few more $$$ in your pocket.

And since I’m a huge believer in crowdsourcing, if you have noodled a way to do something easier or cheaper…please consider passing it on. I’d love to incorporate tips from our readers into the Five Tips Friday list. Email your tips to [email protected]

So, if you have a hack that makes life easier, is a less expensive way to do something or saves you money…bring it!

Useful Lifehacks or Tips:

  1. If you haven’t done so already, call 1-888-382-1222 or go to the website (donotcall.gov) and put your phone number(s) on the Do Not Call list. We have put all of our cell phones and our landline on the list and it has cut down the number of unsolicited calls.  If you are on the registry and still getting calls, call the same number to report those shady characters who are not abiding by the Do Not Call list.
  2. Along the same lines, go to DMAChoice.Org and unsubscribe for those pesky mailers and catalogs that fill up your mailbox.  And take it one step further by going to OptOutPrescreen to take your name off of the mailing list for insurance and credit card offers.
  3. You know what will get my panties in a wad? When I decide at noon that I want black bean soup for dinner but don’t have time to soak those darned beans. So…in addition to canning beans (which I’ll address in a later post), when I do need to soak some beans I will soak a whole bunch and then freeze them before I cook them. Such a time saver.
  4. If you were to walk into my house right now, you might notice that EVERY.SINGLE.PICTURE.ON.EVERY.SINGLE. WALL is perfectly level!!  And why is that? Well, my friends, I discovered the ihandylevel app, available for both iPhone and Android! With this free app, I’m afraid we no longer have excuses for cattywompus pictures.
  5. One of our fabulous and brilliant readers, Lesley, shares this tip for measuring out honey or molasses. She first coats the measuring spoon with oil which makes the honey or molasses slide right out without leaving any residue on the spoon! I know…why didn’t I think of that!?

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So, my friends, there are your 5 tips and lifehacks for this Friday. I hope you found something handy and if you have a tip you’d like to share, please pass it on! You can send it to [email protected].

Have a great weekend!


Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

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  1. So many calls come from out of the country…like the IRS and Microsoft virus scams that are generated in Pakistan and India and it’s my understanding that those calls cannot be blocked. We purchased a new phone system from Panasonic which has a “call block” button. The minute the phone rings and I don’t recognize the number or it is obviously a telemarketer or robo-call, I press call block and the call is blocked and disconnected. The phone then stores all the numbers I block, remembers them, and automatically blocks them. We can now get through a whole dinner hour without a single call!!!

    P.S. So enjoy your blog.

    1. Hi Nancy…it does seem that the calls are coming from EVERYWHERE! What a handy phone! I will surely look in to it when we need a new phone system. Thanks for the tip.

      Hugs, Lynn

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