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News from the Nest, February 13

PARDON OUR MESS! There may be a few wonky elements of this post as we transition to our NEW & IMPROVED Nourish + Nestle. We are ACTIVELY under renovation, and I’m so excited to roll out our new look over the next few weeks.

Good Morning from Savannah, Georgia.

We have had the most lovely time visiting family and friends (who might as well be family) in Florida. We ate great food, enjoyed the lovely weather and sights, caught up with each other, and laughed heartily.

We stopped in Savannah on our way home to enjoy this city and plan to spend the day just wandering about, our favorite thing to do.

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new on the blog

Despite my best intentions, I did not get as much done as I had hoped before we left town on Wednesday.

But I did manage to publish an illustrated, step-by-step post on the Diagonal Basket Weave knit stitch. This post also includes a video showing how to knit both the knit and purl sides of the stitch.

closeup of diagonal basket weave stitch

from the kitchen

While Florida’s orange trees are still recovering from hurricanes, past freezes, and disease, driving past endless groves as we traversed the state got me thinking about citrus!

Orange Marmalade! It is a lovely quirk of nature that the sunniest fruit is at its sweetest and juiciest in winter.

A dollop of orange marmalade on goat cheese and crackers with jar of marmalade and whole oranges in the background.

This sweet and savory Meyer Lemon and Fig Conserve, enhanced with wine, honey, and walnuts, is a lovely savory and sweet appetizer pairing, ideal for your meat & cheese tray or as a topping to goat cheese or brie.

These Lemon Rosemary Scones are the perfect breakfast/tea treat…or dessert, for that matter. The scones are just barely sweet, perfectly tangy with lemon, and then there’s that hint of piney freshness offered by the rosemary.

I think my stash of these Ginger Lemon Cubes is just about depleted. I’ll make a batch this week.

Not only is it citrus’ time to shine, it is also peak pansy season! Top these easy-to-make Lemon Icebox Cookies with pansies picked right from your garden!

Cookies with purple pansies on top

And nab this free Watercolor Lemon Measuring Equivalents chart. This chart makes converting and multiplying recipe ingredients super easy.

Watercolor lemon with measuring equivalents

from the knit studio

This chunky, broken-rib stitch blanket knits up quickly, is relatively economical to make, and…most importantly…is wonderfully cozy.

in the garden

If you are hankering to get your hands in the dirt, check out these seventeen plants that thrive in sunrooms.

in the home

How to clean and restore cutting boards.

And speaking of cutting boards, here are some ideas on how to display cutting boards.

Ideas for decorating a kitchen hutch.

Apple painting on hutch with white dishes

Forty-Nine Quick Household Tasks: 15 Minutes or Less

And, then…an additional fifty-plus household tasks that will take you 15 minutes or less.

a few fun finds

I always get a pack (or two) of these erasable pens in my stocking each Christmas. I am a paper planner gal, and I like having all the color options that are also erasable when necessary!

This crochet purse kit has EVERYTHING you need (including the video) to make a fashionable purse. And it is really very nicely priced.

The googly-eye version of these frivolous plant magnets will find its way into a care package for my kiddos in the near future.

Well, friends. We are going to figure out our plans for strolling around Savannah today. We’ll find a nice spot for a late breakfast and then do our exploring. We head home tomorrow, and I’ll be glad to be reunited with my four-legged loves and get back to my routine.

Hope you have a fantastic day!


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  1. I just love this site with all of your wonderful and useful information! I look forward to reading everything! I just can’t express it enough! Thank you!

    1. Good Morning, Marianne and thank you so much for your very kind words! I started this blog years ago to share all the ‘stuff’ I liked to do and hoped that there would be like-minded readers out there with whom I would connect. Thanks for making this little job of mine so much fun!

      Have a fantastic day!

      Hugs, Lynn

  2. 🤔 Hello I love that there are people in the world who are close, We call people are like family, Framily. Those are the ones who mean so much to you and you would do anything for, and they would return the favor.

    1. I love ‘FRAMILY!’ and that’s exactly what these friends are. Thanks for the new word for my vocabulary!!

      Have a fantastic weekende!

      Hugs, Lynn

  3. I love “Mondays” as I will be receiving a new e-mail from Nourish and Nettle! I sooooo enjoy your site! It’s marvellous!


    1. Oh my friend,
      Thank you so very much! I really do enjoy working on and publishing content, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun and so rewarding without readers like you on the other end. Thank you so much for coming along for this fun ride with me and for your very kind note. Your words are fuel to my fire.

      Have a great weekend.

      Hugs, Lynn

  4. I do enjoy many of your comments and very useful hints, BUT putting pansies on food at this time of year living well above the 49th is a tricky business. To say nothing of the minus 10c temperatures and 3 feet of snow that we still have in our yard.

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