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Wrap it in Copper! Rich Copper Gift Wrapping Ideas

Buh-Bye Bronze, Gotta go Gold, See ya later Silver…I’m all about Copper right now.  Well truthfully, I’ve been all about copper for a while …copper says ‘warm and comfy’ to me and I’ve been adding more of this metal to our home for the past several years.

When the opportunity to join Nancy’s Christmas Wrapping Paper Blog Hop arose, I knew I wanted to do something ‘copper-ish’. AND…since I also decided months ago to really let my nutcracker collection shine this Christmas, it was only natural to combine the two. Many thanks to Nancy, from Slightly Coastal, for organizing us. It is truly like herding cats (and I just may have been the most wayward cat…)

And, if you are wondering to yourself, “What makes Lynn such an authority on gift wrapping any way?”…well, I’ll have you know that I would wrap presents at Sears when I would be home from college over Christmas break. So yeah, I am a bit of an authority.

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What I Used to Make Glittered Letter Tags:

How I Made Glittered Letter Tags:

  • I glued the felt to the cardstock by spraying the paper with the spray adhesive and let it sit for a good hour to make sure the glue was dried
  • I cut letters with my Cricut. I adhered the paper side to the Cricut mat so that the felt fibers didn’t stick to the adhesive of the mat so I reversed the letters.
  • I used the Arial Black font…3.75 inches tall and 3.18 inches wide
  • I also made sure to cut little holes at the top of the letters to attach cords
  • I thinned my glue just a little to make it ‘paintable’…don’t add too much water, remember you are painting on paper
  • I painted the glue almost to the edge, leaving about 1/4″ border unglued
  • Sprinkle the red glitter on the letter
  • Then paint the glue on the border
  • and sprinkle the copper glitter

I did record the process if you’d rather watch the video:

K Glitter Tag with Copper Gift Wrapping

I love the richness that results from the combination of the red and copper glitter. 

I was surprised that it was a little difficult tracking down metallic copper gift wrapping! I ended up ordering mine on Etsy.  It isn’t available on Etsy anymore, but here’s another link if you are having as hard a time finding it as I did.

G Glitter Initial Tag with Copper Gift Wrapping and Nutcracker Gift Tags

But, don’t you love the red and copper tags against that copper gift wrapping!?!

T Glitter Initial Tag with Copper Gift Wrapping

These nutcracker tags are the perfect compliment to my glittery initials.

Nutcracker Gift Tags

I used my very fine paintbrush to add some glue to the parts of their helmets or crowns that were copper and sprinkled those with copper glitter as well.  I also did the epaulets of the soldier.

Glitter Gift Initial Tags

Have you started your gift wrapping? Actually, I’ve done three (count ’em!)…but I’m so happy with my copper gift wrapping that I think I’m going to order more paper and velvet ribbon. I also think I’m going to be making more of these glitter tags to put with the gifts to my extended family and friends.  They were so easy to make!

presents wrapped in copper and glittered initial tag

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Make sure you take some time to pop in and see all the other great wrapping paper ideas that these talented and creative bloggers are sharing today.

If you are loving copper as much as I am this season, check out these DIY copper votives that you can make for the holidays!

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  1. Lynn – your gift tags and packages are beautiful. We too love everything copper and your ideas are so creative and festive. Embarrassingly, no gifts have been purchased by either one of us yet! we need to get busy LOL. Wishing you and yours a happy, joy filled holiday season.

    1. Thanks for kind comments Vicki and Jenn…copper is such a warm and inviting metal, isn’t it. Don’t feel bad, those were the only two gifts I have purchased thus far…so I’m pretty much in the same place you are.

      Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Hey there fellow copper lover! So looking forward to bringing more copper into my holidays and my home, it really has a lovely depth to it. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Oh Lynne, Your glitter tags and printables are so beautiful! I love copper, too! And I’m using some shades of copper with gold and silver on my tree in the dining room. Now I have your lovely ideas to add. Thanks so much for sharing and joining us in the hop! Your beautiful packages and handy tutorials are so appreciated. XOXO ~~ Happy Holidays to you and yours! Susie from the Chelsea Project

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