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10 Most Popular Posts of 2019

Sharing the Ten Most Popular Posts of 2019 as determined by the number of times these posts were visited by you!

Here we are, six days into 2020! Let’s take a wee trip in the wayback machine to see what you loved last year. I’m all about making plans and looking forward, but it’s also fun and informative to look back.

In a nutshell… you love to knit, declutter, garden, eat dill pickles and drink margaritas! Sounds like we are living our best lives!!

The 10th most popular post of 2019 was my dad’s Margarita recipe. Without getting too weepy here, this one really touches my heart. My dad has Alzheimer’s, but back in the day, he reveled in and took pride in his bartending skills honed over years of entertaining with my parents’ Navy friends, who are really more like family.

Because of my dad’s Margarita recipe, I fully acknowledge that I am a Margarita snob. I know what a good one tastes like and judge all others against his. If you are looking for the best Margarita recipe, you need to give his a try.

Coming in at number 9 is this post on Container Gardening Basics. If you are curious about how to put together a gorgeous container garden, this is the post for you. We discuss thrillers, spillers, and fillers and give examples of each. There are also links to other posts that give Container Garden ‘recipes’.

The eighth spot is held by this Jar at a Time Dill Pickle recipe. You know that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ adage? This recipe is that! My garden was producing cucumbers at a slow but steady pace. I wanted to pickle them right from the garden as opposed to waiting for a big batch. I figured out I could make the brine and keep it in the fridge. When I had enough cukes for a jar I would just pop the cukes in the jar when they came in from the garden, top them with the already made brine and BAM! Pickles in the fridge!

This Chunky Knit Christmas Stocking remained in seventh place all year! I mean, I know I work on Christmas projects year-round, but I’m thrilled that I am not the only one! Stay tuned, I have some ideas for this stocking this year… some ‘variations on a theme!”

This Cloverleaf Eyelet Baby Blanket is surely the sweetest thing I’ve ever knit and also the 6th most popular post last year. I love a good backstory and this blanket was knit for the lovely young lady who oversaw my daughter during her internship. This expectant mom was from Italy and so had no family other than her husband here. Knowing that this blanket would be gifted to this young family made the process all the more enjoyable.

So, there were a whole bunch of dishcloths/washcloths made this year! This Chinese Wave Washcloth pattern was tied with this round-up of all 5 Washcloth/Dishcloth patterns was the 5th most popular posts.

This Diagonal Basketweave Blanket pattern was the fourth most popular post this past year. I love the look of the Diagonal Basketweave and this blanket is a fixture at the foot of our bed during the winter months.

Well, when you weren’t knitting, gardening, eating dill pickles or drinking margaritas, it seems you were busy decluttering your kitchens and offices! This decluttering post shares part of our journey of shedding over 1000 pounds of ‘stuff’ from our home.

Remember how I said there were a whole lot of washcloths being knitted in the Nourish and Nestle family last year? Well, add this one to the list. This Daisy Stitch Washcloth pattern was the second most popular post of all of 2019!

The most popular post for 3 years a row is the Chunky Knit Blanket pattern. This blanket pattern feeds that ‘immediate gratification’ gene I have as it can be started and finished in a day! I used some flagpoles in my garage for my needles, but do link to real needles if you’d rather go that route. Plus, this post also shares some suggested yarns for Chunky Knit Blankets and Throws.

So, what does 2020 hold in store for Nourish and Nestle? Well, I have several knit projects in the works, we are embarking on a new declutter challenge which you can join here, I have several decorating DIYs up my sleeve, some canning projects, lots of yummy recipes and maybe even some sewing projects!

But, that being said, I am always open to ideas! Any specific you would like to see us tackle? Throw those ideas my way!

Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

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