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Cooking Gifts for Men & Guys Who Like to Cook

If you have a guy who likes to cook and spend time in the kitchen on your gift list, then these cooking gifts for Men are great suggestions.

My brother and I come from a family of foodies. Both our mom and our grandma are world-class cooks and bakers. I think it is fair to say that I tend to be more of a traditional cook, while my brother is much more adventurous. He’s the one who dry-ages his own steaks and mixes creative cocktails.

We often share recipes with each other and compare our latest kitchen gadgets and tools.

With that in mind, I turned to my brother recently to ask him what some of his favorite kitchen tools are. So, if you are looking for gifts for the Foodie Guy in your world, I am sure you will find some good ideas here.

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So, without further ado, here’s my brother Eric and his suggestions:

There is nothing worse or more dangerous in the kitchen than a dull knife.  This stone will allow you to give even your dullest knives a great sharp edge. (My brother is always a welcome house guest, especially when he brings his sharpening stone and hones my knives!)

A knife sharpening stone is a great gift for a foodie guy

For the cook who is willing to try something new, a Sous Vide cooker is a great gift.  Never will you eat dry pork chops again!

The Foodie Guy on your gift list will love a Sous Vide

Of course, if you are going to be carrying around a big hot pan, you are going to need a set of gloves to go with it.  Your wife’s floral printed gloves are not going to cut it.

Heavy duty gloves are great gifts for foodie guys

If you love Smoking foods, but don’t have the room for a smoker outside or don’t want to hang out in the cold; this stovetop smoker is just the thing.  Big enough for a whole chicken or brisket, this smoker lets you bring that great smoked taste to anything.

A stovetop smoker

For those who are into grilling or smoking, here is a great thermometer with a wireless module so that you don’t have to miss the big game while smoking that brisket.

Wireless Thermometer

If I could only live with one pan it would be a 12 in. Cast iron skillet.  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Desert can all be accomplished in this most versatile of pans. 

Cast Iron pans are great gifts for Foodie Men

A must for your sous vide is a good container.  This 12-quart container not only has plenty of room for most of your needs.  This lid accommodates the sous vide, while a solid lid is great for marinating or brining.

A large container

Every foodie guy needs a some really good tongs. and spatulas.


Everyone knows the cheek, nose, and forehead method of telling meat doneness; if you want to be a bit more specific, nothing is better than an instant-read digital thermometer.

What Gifts for Foodie Men would you add to this list? Both Eric and I would love to add to this list, so we welcome your suggestions.

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Image showing 9 Foodie Gifts for Men, including a knife sharpening stone, a sous vide, gloves, a stovtop smoker, a wireless timer, a cast iron skillet, a container for sous vide, tongs and an instant read thermometer.
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