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28 Money-Saving Gifts: Gifts that keep Giving

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for certain friends and family members? Gifting young adults, college students, new parents, and older family members can be quite a challenge. Challenge accepted! These 28 money-saving gift ideas will help you pass your loved ones a gift that keeps on giving.

Seriously, can you think of anything better than the gift of savings? As we embark on the gift-giving season, have you ever tried giving a few gifts that would help the gift recipient to save money? As a frugal-minded person, I am not only keeping myself and my family in mind about money-saving options but my friends too.

If you’re serious about giving the best to your loved ones this year, why not provide them with something built to last and help them save simultaneously? In this gift-giving guide installment, I will cover gifts from the picky teen up to the grandparents. Many of these gifts are also perfect for that person who ‘has everything!’

Many of these money-saving gift ideas are small enough to be used for stocking stuffers at Christmas time. But really, a money-saving gift can be given at any time!

Enjoy this list of 28 best money-saving gift ideas for helping those you love to save a buck or two in the years to come.

the best 28 helpful money-saving gifts

Below are 28 great ideas to help those who love saving money. When you read these, I hope they spur your creativity to think of even more fantastic ways to gift them. Use these as a jumping point and then get to shopping!

Let’s jump in–

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gift them with memberships

  • TV – Almost everyone watches TV at some point or loves a good binge! Gift your family with a subscription to an on-demand video streaming platform, like Hulu, Netflix, or Disney Plus. This is a gift they can use every day for up to a year on most subscriptions.
  • If you really to give ‘something’ more than a piece of paper, pair the subscription with a popcorn maker and some popcorn for a year of movie nights!!
  • An Amazon Prime membership gives the recipient free shipping on Amazon purchases, access to videos on Amazon Prime Video (another on-demand video streaming platform), access to music on Amazon Prime Music, a discount at Whole Foods, and more.
  • Big box stores like Costco and Sam’s Club offer a member’s card that can save your friends or family on food. Groceries are obviously one thing we can never live without, and you may be surprised at how many other essentials and fun things these stores offer.
  • Gift cards are an excellent idea for anyone who is hard to shop for. I used to be hesitant to give a gift card, but if you do it right, it can be a real blessing. For instance, what about a “membership” to Starbucks? I know, there is no such thing. But if you know how often they like to go, you could stock up a gift card with a month’s worth or perhaps a year! Then with a bit of creative packaging, your simple gift card could be a “membership” card!

Annual passes

An annual pass to the zoo is a great money saving gift for the recipient.
  • Annual passes to your local zoo or local aquarium are a great gift to anyone of any age! Who doesn’t love seeing the monkeys, feeding the elephants, and watching the fish swim around up close? For many years, we gifted our nephew and his young family with an annual pass to their local zoo and it was often used! It is soothing and entertaining for any age, and it gets them out of the house and into nature. This is an experience they will repeatedly enjoy, along with other activities the zoo and aquarium put on.
  • Amusement Park passes are an excellent gift for a family member if they have small children. It will save them money every time they go since they don’t have to buy a ticket for each person. You can also add on extras like food and beverage packages. This gift is just as fun for adults too!
  • What about movie theater passes? I realize people do not go to the movies as much anymore, but that makes it a real treat!
  • If the intended gift recipient loves local theatre, what about buying them a couple of tickets or seeing if the theatre offers gift cards?

money-saving gifts experiences for all

  • Thrill-seeking adventure parks are something different and super entertaining for days to come. This is a place where your friends and family can zip line, rock climb, and do rope courses and not feel guilty about spending money.
Rock and Wall
  • Jump houses like Bounce and the like are big for kids today. It helps get their energy out and heart rate up. Plus, the parents may have a better evening with the kids worn out and ready for bed! Give the whole family a pass to a trampoline jump house.
  • Dave & Busters is a gaming center that is a great place to spend adult time with bigger kids of all ages. Get the recipient a token card and fill it up!
  • Date nights can be few and far between when little ones are in the house. Why not give them a date night “wallet”? Gift them an entire evening, perhaps dinner and a movie, or maybe a night out at a nice hotel with room service. Be creative!
  • Babysitting costs add up, especially for a young family. Either give them babysitting money or offer to stay with the kids for a couple of evenings.

interest classes

  • If someone in your family has children, they may be grateful for a season of kids’ swimming lessons. This is a lifesaving skill that their child will keep with them forever. And let’s face it, they can get costly along with all the other expenses families have.
  • Hobby classes are also great, like painting, pottery, or music classes. This works well for someone who doesn’t have their own instrument or one and just wants to get some professional teaching. Same thing for painting and pottery classes. Bring your own supplies, or start as a beginner. Either way, it’s fun to try something new! This may be something the recipient wants to do, but can’t afford.

subscription boxes

  • If you haven’t heard of it, Barkbox is a pet subscription box for those that have fur babies. Not only will their pets love it, but the owner will too. It’s so fun to see what the pets get each month because each month is themed and entertaining. This might seem a frivolous gift, but if your giftee would be spending the money on their fur baby anyway, it is a money saver for them.
Gift and Box
  • Lookfantastic is a makeup subscription box that comes in a small makeup bag, an added bonus to the trial-size products. Some months include full-size products as well. If your gift recipient is someone who enjoys and regularly uses makeup, this could be a real money saver for them. They have a variety of plans all under $20/month.
  • If the person you have in mind for this gift loves clothes but isn’t a shopper, a Stitch Fix clothing subscription box is the way to go. They will take a personalized style quiz and enter their sizes and preferences. Once that is done, the first box will be sent out full of clothes, shoes, and accessories of their liking. And guess what? If they don’t like an item they get, they can easily send it back in the prepaid envelope that came in the box of clothes.
  • On a more practical level, you can give a gift card to a meal delivery service like Blue Apron.
Food on a table, with Gift and Delivery

household items can be money-saving gifts

  • Gifting a coffee maker and adding supplies like toppings, syrups, and frothier cups can save someone five dollars a day on a coffee if they go through a drive-thru! And skipping your morning coffee is hard, so keep saving them that money by getting them coffee from home. Pair it with a Keurig Coffee Pod Delivery Service and you’ll really help the recipient save money.
  • Programmable thermostats are a relatively new technology that can be added to a house. It allows you to turn the AC off or set it to the perfect temperature for when you are on your way home from work. You can manage any settings you can control at home from the convenience of your phone. And… it saves money because you can set it for the times you are at home and the times you are not.
  • Wool dryer balls are another household money-saving gift. You only realize what you spend on dryer sheets once you actually think about it. Not to mention, wool dryer balls are better for your clothes and appliances. It cuts down on drying time, which also will save them money on the electric bill.
  • Both my mom and my brother love their Aero Garden. If your gift recipient likes to cook, having fresh herbs on hand year-round is a real money and time saver!
  • A couple of sets of cloth napkins will save the gift recipient from ever having to purchase paper napkins! Three to four sets of napkins for a family of four should last for several years. We switched to cloth napkins twenty years ago and I always appreciate getting new napkins.
Cloth napkins, beige with red stripes.
  • Soda Makers like Soda Stream and the like are an excellent idea for the person that loves those bubbly beverages. Sodas can get expensive! So stock them up with their favorite flavors and let them have a little fun too. (perfect for college students)
  • A Roku box or Amazon Fire Stick is a way to save money by reducing cable services; you can save money and still watch what you love by switching to streaming.

money-saving gifts for everyone

I’d love to continue to add to this list of Money-Saving Gifts, so what have I missed? Have these ideas prompted some ideas for you? Please do share them!

As always, I appreciate you stopping by to get some great gift-giving ideas. I hope these and the ones you come up with save your friends and family some money this holiday season! Happy ALL the holidays this year and next.

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Image of Meal Delivery box, rechargeable batteries, cloth napkins, dryer balls, coffee maker, and popcorn and movie night as examples of gift ideas that save the recipient money.
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