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Cable Knit Hat Pattern

This free, cable knit hat pattern has a delightful texture due to its twists and cables. The sewn-on pom finishes it perfectly.

I am a sucker for cables, so it was only natural I worked some into this easy-to-make cable knit hat pattern. And while technically not cables, the additional twists in this pattern mimic the texture and movement that cables provide to your knit project.

knitting in the round

Knitting in the round is a simple knit skill that is used to knit ‘tubes’ like hats, socks, cowls, and stockings. If you are unfamiliar with the skill or need a refresher, pop on over to this Knitting in The Round post!

A knit hat with a fur pom pom on a table.

what materials are needed for this cable knit hat pattern?

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are you a visual learner?

Here is a Pinterest video I made showing step-by-step how to knit the hat. Save it to one of your Pinterest boards if you need to refer back to it in the future.

stitches used for the twists and cables knit hat pattern

  • Stocking Stitch (st st)
  • Rib: (rib): 1 x 1 ribbing alternating knit and purl stitches.
  • Knit 2 Together (k2tog)
  • Right Twist (rt): k2tog, leaving stitches on the left needle. Insert the right needle into the first stitch on the left-hand needle and knit it. Slip both stitches off of the left-hand needle.
  • 3/3 Right Cable (3/3RC): Put the next 3 stitches onto your cable needle and hold it at the back of your work. Knit the next 3 stitches from your left knitting needle, and then knit the 3 stitches from the cable hook.
  • 2/2 Right Cable (2/2RC): Put the next 2 stitches onto your cable needle and hold it at the back of your work. Knit the next 2 stitches from your left knitting needle, and then knit the 2 stitches from the cable hook.


  • In st st, using US 7 (4.5mm) needles, 20 stitches and 27 rows = 4 inches.
A woman wearing a hat

how to knit this cable knit hat pattern

  • Using US 4 circular needles, cast on 112 stitches.
  • Ensuring that your stitches are not twisted on the circular needles, work rib in the round for 1- 1/2 inches. You may find it helpful to have a stitch marker where your row begins and ends. I typically use the cast-on yarn tail as my marker.
  • Switch to US 7 circular needles.
  • Begin pattern- the rows of this pattern will be worked twice. (See chart)
    • Row 1 : *(p3, k6) repeat from *at the same time, mk1 after every 8th stitch, 14 times. The added stitch will be the sixth knit stitch in the pattern. 126 stitches
    • Row 2: *(p3, k4, rt) repeat from *
    • Row 3 and all odd rows through row 31: *(p3, k6) repeat from *
    • Row 4: *(p3, k3, rt, k1) repeat from *
    • Row 6: *(p3, k2, rt, rt) repeat from *
    • Row 8: *(p3, k1, rt, rt, k1) repeat from *
    • Row 10*(p3, rt, rt, k2 ) repeat from *
    • Row 12 *(p3, k1, rt,  k3 ) repeat from *
    • Row 14: *(p3, rt, k4 ) repeat from *
    • Row 15 -17: *(p3, k6) repeat from *
    • Row 18: *(p3, 3/3RC) repeat from*
    • Row 19 – 32: repeat rows 1-15 once more, then begin to decrease.
    • Row 33: *(p3, k2tog, k4) repeat from*  112 stitches
    • Row 34: *(p3, k5) repeat from* 112 stitches
    • Row 35: *(p3, k3, k2tog) repeat from* 98 stitches
    • Row 36: *(p3, 2/2RC): repeat from* 98 stitches
    • Row 37: *(p3, k4) repeat from* 98 stitches
    • Row 38: *(p3, k2tog, rt) repeat from* 84 stitches
    • Row 39: *(p3, k3) repeat from* 84 stitches
    • Row 40: *(p2tog, p, rt, k) repeat from* 70 stitches
    • Row 41: *(p2, k3) repeat from* 70 stitches
    • Row 42: *(p2tog, k, rt) repeat from* 56 stitches
    • Row 43: *(p1, k3) repeat from* 56 stitches
    • Row 44: If you haven’t already, switch to double-pointed needles or the magic-loop method. *(p1, k2tog,k) repeat from* 42 stitches
    • Row 45: *(p1, k2), repeat from * 42 stitches
    • Row 46: *(p1, k2tog) repeat from * 28 stitches
    • Row 47: *(p1, k1) repeat from * 28 stitches
    • Row 48 *(k2tog) repeat from * 14 stitches
  • Break yarn, leaving a good 18” tail. Thread the yarn onto a darning needle and weave it through the stitches remaining on the needles starting with the stitches opposite the yarn tail such that once the yarn has threaded all the way through all the loops, it will form a circle.
  • With the yarn still in the darning needle, go up through the pom pom and then back down through it. Weave the yarn into the underside of the hat around the top and secure it well.
Sewing pom pom on hat.

Twists & Cables Knit Hat Chart

Twists & Cables Chart Decreases

Stitches used for hat.
A zippered pouch.

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Knit hat on table.
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