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Circular Knitting Needles Organization

Sharing an easy and efficient idea for Circular Knitting Needles Organization.

Now that I find myself knitting more and more blankets, I also find that my inventory of circular knitting needles is expanding. For me, circular needles are a much more efficient way to handle the bulk of a blanket than straight needles.

But, storing my circular needles has always been a bit of a conundrum. While I can keep my straight needles nice and neat in a tall glass jar for easy access, those circular needles just don’t allow for that.

And I guess I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that while I have been knitting for 30 years, I just figured out a method to organize my circular knitting needles this past month! I never claimed I was a quick learner. So, I’m sharing my idea fully expecting 75% of you to write me back and say, “Um, Lynn dear, I’ve been storing my circular needles like this for 25 years!” 😁

Circular Knitting Needles organized on a magnetic board.

And not only is this super-efficient, but I only needed to purchase some strong-grip magnets to bring this circular knitting needle organization idea to fruition, making it super-economical as well.

A zippered pouch.

what you need to organize circular knitting needles

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  • Magnetic Board I like the idea of a Magnetic Board as it will be re-arranging my Circular Needle Board easier if I need to in the future. The magnet board will make changing the groupings easy if my needle inventory grows. I’ve had my magnetic board for years; it measures 23″ by 15.5″. I wouldn’t want to go any smaller for the needles that I have, but there are various sizes out there. Here is a magnetic whiteboard that is very similar in size. If you don’t want a whiteboard, here’s a metal board that is also a little bigger.
  • Binder Clips. I used 4 binder clips that are 1.25″ wide and 1 that is 2″ wide for my 5 groupings,
  • Strong Magnet Hooks. These hooks were the only thing I purchased, and they fit the bill exactly. I didn’t have strong enough magnets for the largest grouping of circular needles.
  • Labels. I used my label maker, which is so old that it isn’t sold anymore! But this looks like the newer version.
  • I also attached a spare needle gauge. This one belonged to my grandma, and I have no idea how old it is! This gauge is helpful as many of my circular needles aren’t labeled, or the labels are hard to read.

making my organizer

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but my only real suggestion is to lay all your needles out by size and then group them in equal-ish groupings. When I first made my groupings, I found that I have many more in the US 1-6 size than any other group, so I re-arranged the groupings to a US 1-5 and US 6-9.

When I need a needle now, it will just be a matter of pulling that binder clip off of the hook, slipping the needle out, and then hanging the rest back up! I’ve got to be honest; I’m really quite tickled with how orderly and organized my circular needles are 25 years later!

speaking of organization!

Nab all the free printables and the binder for the Knit Journal and Organizer. My favorite part of the organizer is the Yarn Inventory, which incorporates baseball card sleeves and printable inventory cards.

Yarn inventory sheets in binder.

knit blanket patterns

I’m guessing that if you have a stash of circular knitting needles, then you knit large sweaters, hats, and blankets. I started off knitting sweaters but have gone to primarily knitting blankets of late. Here are some of my knit blanket patterns for you to peruse. You can put your circular needles, as well as your circular knitting needles organization, to good use!

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Circular Knitting Needles Organized on a Magnetic Board
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  1. Oh, Lynne! What a great idea for storing circuar needles!! I’ve been knitting a lot longer than you and those circular needles have ALWAYS been a pain to store and hunt through. Love this!! Thank you!!

    1. Yay Linda! If you are anything like me, you will do a little happy dance once you see those needles all lined up neatly and organized! Enjoy your newly organized space!

      Hugs, Lynn

  2. I can’t say that I’ve been doing this for 25 years (I wish I could) so, thank you very much. This is a great idea.
    I also wanted to say that I like your Blog page design, I find it very clean and tranquil.

    1. Thank you so much Maite. I am very happy with how organized my circular needles are now! Makes all the difference finding what I need and to prevent me from purchasing duplicates.

      Happy Knitting, my friend.



  3. Hi Lynn,
    Had to smile,about your needle gauge. I was going through my sewing drawer and ran across my needle gauge. Same one as yours. Price still on, $1.48.
    Oh the things we keep.
    Hope you are staying warm.

    1. I love that! I received mine from my Grandma YEARS ago! I especially like that it was hers to begin with. And it’s still so very useful, things like that don’t stop being useful!

      Its chilly down here…but not as chilly as you!

      Hugs, Lynn

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