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Fall Container Gardens and Window Boxes #2

Six more Fall Container Garden and Window Box ideas to inspire you and help you bring autumn to your landscape. These ‘recipes’ follow the five that were published earlier. The previous post also included some general tips for successful fall containers; make sure you pop back to see them.

You can see all my Container Garden Recipes here, including my post on Container Gardening 101.

Note about Ornamental Peppers in Fall Container Gardens

Several of these planters feature ornamental peppers of some variety. Ornamental peppers are NOT frost tolerant and will die back in zones below 9b. The peppers are edible (though often very hot), but the leaves can be toxic.

ornamental pepper with purple and red peppers

The Juniper Container Garden

Cabbage, mums in a pot

A tall, rangy Juniper is the focal point of this container garden. It is underplanted with:

  • Green ornamental cabbage
  • Scarlet Red mum
  • Creeping Jenny
  • ‘Jade Princess’ ornamental millet is tucked in towards the back of the planter.

Cockscomb, Peppers, and Pumpkins Window Box

Cockscomb and ornamental peppers are the highlight of this window box.
  • Salmon Cockscomb (Celosia cristata) (not frost tolerant)
  • Miscanthus Sinensis ‘Little Zebra’ – the grass in the center, in the back
  • Capsicum annuum ‘Chili Red’ and ‘Medusa’ (not frost tolerant)
  • Capsicum annuum ‘Hot Pops Purple’ – the little ball peppers between the red peppers. (not frost tolerant)
  • ‘Cassian’ Dwarf Fountain Grass – on either side of the box
  • Little pumpkins

Smokebush, Millet, and Daphne Window Box

Fall Window box in greens and purples.
  • ‘Carol Mackie’ Daphne
  • ‘Winecraft’ Black Smokebush
  • ‘Jade Princess’ ornamental millet
  • ‘Ruby Parfait’ Celosia- I’m wondering if these are actually cut flowers that are ‘planted’ in the box. You can see that some are fading. (not frost tolerant)
  • Large Red Russian Kale and two smaller Pigeon Purple ornamental cabbages
  • Heuchera ‘Bronze Beauty’
  • Variegated English Ivy
  • Variegated Vinca

Euphorbia Window Boxes with Coordinating Container

Fall window boxes and container garden featuring euphorbia, red coleus and heuchera, juniper and rosemary.

Window Boxes

  • ‘Blackbird’ Euphorbia
  • tall thin Arborvitae
  • ‘Redhead’ coleus (not frost tolerant)
  • ‘Forever Red’ Heuchera
  • ‘Invincibelle Ruby’ Smooth Hydrangea
  • ‘Carousel Blushing Salmon’ Garden Mum
  • ‘Glacier’ English ivy
  • Little Pumpkins

I like how the window boxes and the container ‘go together’ but don’t contain all the same ‘ingredients.’ There is some repetition with the red coleus and heuchera, but otherwise, the gardener achieved a cohesive look without duplicating plants!

Fall container garden featuring euphorbia, red coleus and heuchera, juniper and rosemary.


  • Variegated Euphorbia
  • Trailing Rosemary
  • ‘Redhead’ coleus (not frost tolerant)
  • ‘Forever Red’ Heuchera
  • Ajuga reptans ‘Black Scallop’
  • ‘Sweet Peg’ mum
  • Mistflower or Lalla Aster

Japanese Maple Container Garden

Fall Container Gardens including this one small Japanese Maple underplanted with a variety of fall plants.

I like the idea of having a staple ‘thriller’ and then underplanting for each season. In this case, this wee Japanese maple would stay year-round, with various planting rotating throughout the year. This allows you to recycle your Fall Container Gardens into your Spring Container Gardens! For the ‘fall theme, it looks like they have added:

  • ‘Twisted Orange’ Cockscomb Celosia cristata or ‘Salmon’ Cockscomb (Celosia cristata)(not frost tolerant)
  • Maculata Vinca Vine
  • ‘Cassian Dwarf’ Fountain Grass
  • Capsicum annuum ‘Hot Pops Purple’ (not frost tolerant)
  • Capsicum annuum ‘Medusa’ (not frost tolerant)
Fall Container Gardens including this one small Japanese Maple underplanted with a variety of fall plants.

Bookmark this page or pin the following image to refer back to these six fall container gardens and fall window boxes in the future.

Fall Window box in greens and purples.
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