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DIY Holiday Napkins

I’m on the record as preferring linen and fabric napkins to paper;  we’ve been a paperless kitchen for many years for economical, environmental, and aesthetic reasons.  Having a store of attractive fabric napkins that make our dinner table special each night means that I’m always looking to add to my stash.  Last year when I put away our Christmas linens I realized that my napkins had seen better days and put a note in my November calendar reminding me to make or buy some new ones.  I came across this charming mini-pompom fringe on Etsy which made me decide to make my own napkins.  I found this red and white snowflake fabric and JoAnn’s and figured it looks perfect with the pom pom fringe.

I made this tutorial several months ago on making mitre -edged napkins which is the same process I used for these napkins.  The only suggestion I will add is my high-tech gauge which I use to iron down 1/4″ and then again 1/2″ on my edges as described below.  Basically its’a piece of 12″ by 12″ cardstock that I’ve drawn two lines across, one line is 1/4″ from the edge, the other is 1/2″ from the edge.  The cardstock made it very easy to fold the fabric against and iron down.

What You Need To Make Your Own Holiday Napkins (6 18.5″ Napkins)

  • 1 2/3 yards of Fabric
  • 13 yards of trim.  I purchased my pom pom trim here
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread, I used a transparent thread to sew the trim and a red to sew the napkin seam.
  • Disappearing ink pen

How You Make Your Own Holiday Napkins

  • Cut your fabric into 20 inches by 20 inches squares
  • Using your handy-dandy gauge, turn under and iron 1/4″ on all edges.
  • Then, using your gauge again, turn under and iron 1/2″ on all edges
  • Unfold your 1/2 seam and, using your disappearing ink pen, mark at the point of the fold. I have illustrated this step in the Linen Cocktail Napkin Post.
  • For each corner, fold your fabric with right sides together, matching the folds made with your 1/2″ turn. Once again, you can see the illustrated step in the Linen Cocktail Napkin post.
  • Using your disappearing ink, mark along the fold line from dot made above.  Then measure 1/2″ from where the line meets the edge of your fabric and put a dot there.  Draw a line connecting the 2 dots.
  • Pin the fabric down and sew along the diagonal line, making sure you reverse at each end to keep it secure.
  • Starting at your original dot, cut your fabric as shown in this post
  • Repeat for each corner.  Unfold your corners.  I use a letter opener to push my corner points out to make them crisp and sharp.
  • Sew down your turned under the edge and then sew down your trim.

I made these for our enjoyment, but if I get my act together I may get buy some festive Christmas fabric before the season is over and make up dinner or cocktail napkins to give as gifts for next Christmas!

If you are looking for more holiday decorating ideas, check out this Christmas tour of my home for a plethora of ideas!

Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

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