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Monday Musings, March 23

Well, good morning quaran-buddies!

How are you doing? Are you keep busy during International Stay At Home day week month whatever?

In all honesty, since I always have a gazillion projects that I want to work on, this hasn’t been too taxing on me…but then again, it has only been a week.

We were blessed with beautiful weather towards the end of last week and we took advantage of it to get out and work in our yard. I found that I truly forgot about the chaos while out getting dirt under my nails and sun on my face. By the end of this ‘stay at home’ thing, our yard will be garden tour worthy!

I had Dahlia, Ranunculus, and Peony tubers that I had purchased last month which I planted. And I ordered additional plants online since I can’t get to the garden store and they should arrive in 2-3 weeks.

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Since we moved last year, we have started composting, but not soon enough to have much for my garden this year. Composting is not a quick process, but one definitely worth it. If you are curious, here’s a post detailing the why’s and how’s of composting.

When I wasn’t out in the yard, I was inside canning chicken stock and chili. While these were on my to-do list for a while, it did seem like a good time to stock my pantry…that whole nesting thing!

I made a video showing the process and wrote up a post detailing how to make and can chicken stock. Heck, if you’ve got to be indoors for a while, you might want to learn a new skill!

With our son back at home, I am doing a little baking. He has requested these Snickerdoodle Cookie Bars again. And I’ve got to say, there is something comforting about simple, ‘old-fashioned’ desserts…as long as they are accompanied by a big glass of cold milk!

I need to share what my daughter and her roommates are doing while ‘staying at home!’ They had their very own ‘Wine and Design’ night with adult coloring books!

Please do share some of the tips you are using to keep sane and healthy during this time. We will be getting our groceries by using our store’s curbside pickup. For what it’s worth, if you are considering that, you might need to jump on it. Our store is a week out from when you order to when you can pick it up. We are wiping down any plastic container that holds our food before we bring them into our home. Any packages that we receive we keep in our garage for 24 hours before we bring them in as we understand that the virus can live on paper/cardboard for 24 hours and on plastic for up to 3 days.

You have to see what our friend Stacia did with her spice drawer during our recent Kitchen Declutter! She invested in a bunch of 4 ounce spice jars, had her label maker print the labels and then hand drew a little icon to help her find the spices quicker!

Check out the before and after! BRILLIANT! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas, Stacia!



Well my lovelies, I am actually off to go work on a piece of furniture that we are building. Fingers crossed it comes out as I have imagined it!

I hope you stay busy…and whatever you do…stay healthy!! I’ll chat with you next week.


Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

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  1. I just went thru my husbands medicine drawer and tossed items that expire 2001-2017 (honestly). Fun times during my “virus vacation “

    1. Hi Gail…

      2001!!!! Wow…he likes to save things!

      And so glad you are finding ways to be productive during your vacay! I am attempting to do that same thing and have been so-so productive. But it sounds like I still have time to increase my productivity! 😂

      Stay safe my friend and happy decluttering.



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