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News from the Nest, September 5

Hello, September!

I’m happy to have college football 🏉 (does that football look like a cut cantaloupe to you?) back and the slow transition to fall 🍁and cooler weather.

If you are in the U.S., I hope you enjoy your Labor Day holiday! It will be a quiet one for us.

One week from today, we will be at Arlington National Cemetery to inter and honor my dad. Everyone around us is getting sick right now, so we are staying close to home to avoid whatever nasties are floating around. We have waited 21 months to have this service, and we don’t want anything to prevent us from being there to witness and soak up the ceremony and honors my dad deserves.

While we are on that topic, you’ll know why if you don’t have News from the Nest in your inbox next week. In my non-existent perfect world, I’d have it written before Monday…but let’s be honest! You’ll likely have News from the Nest in your box on Wednesday.

And let’s take a minute to celebrate Serena Williams. You don’t have to be a tennis fan to appreciate that this 40-year-old mom held her own and left it all on the court Friday night.

new on the blog

  • Here’s a new and fun creative project for you! Wire Macramé Votive Holders! If it’s been many moons since you’ve tied a square knot, fear knot (a little macramé humor for you! 🤣) I go step-by-step in basic square knot tying and then have illustrated instructions for the wire beaded macramé. It’s not hard…once you get the hang of it, you can easily do it in front of the t.v. But just imagine how lovely and sparkly they will look on your mantel or holiday table! And, if you are looking for a unique handmade gift, this could be it! Oh, and there’s a video you can save to your Pinterest board!
  • Are you ready for all the warming aromas of fall? There’s nothing to stop you from bringing them into your home now! Mix up a batch of the Simmering Fall Potpourri. Keep it for yourself or put it in little bags for friends.
Dried apple and orange potpourri in a bowl.

recipes perfect for football watching

cakes from the kitchen

make your own seasonings

kitchen substitutes

Christmas knit projects

I know it seems a little early, but at a minimum, you might want to at least plan your Christmas knitting projects.

Christmas stockings with gifts on a mantel.

nesting and decluttering

I’m feeling the need to do a light declutter before the holidays. We’ve been coming and going so much lately that I haven’t stayed on top of it as much as I like. (you should see my office! 😱😱😱😱) But, after dad’s service next week, we will dramatically slow down.

I will definitely target a few rooms and use the ‘scavenger hunt’ checklists that I published several years ago. They help me identify items I can most likely ‘rehome’ and never miss. Want to join me? You can subscribe for all six checklists to arrive in your mailbox every week or just pick and choose which rooms you need to target.

We had houseguests for the past several days, and one hour before they arrived, I decided to hang some pictures that I had meant to hang for too long! At the same time, I touched up some walls that needed it…I’m telling you…my little paint repair kit is the bomb-diggity. If you haven’t put one together, take a few minutes and do so. It saves so much time and irritation.

Well dolls, I am off to work in the kitchen today! I wish you a wonderful week until we next catch up.


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  1. Lynn,
    Thinking of you and your family today as you say one last goodbye to your dad. The ceremony itself brings a tear to your eye. We thank your father for his honorable service to our Country,
    and recognize the sacrifices you made as a military family. God Bless you all. May your father Rest In Peace. Your Army brat friend, Brooke

    1. Hi Brooke…sorry this got lost!

      The ceremony was so wonderful, meaningful and somber. Of course, our military does such a great job honoring their own!

      I know my dad was smiling and proud.

      Hugs, Lynn

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