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News from the nest, February 19

Well, I can say that the Week of Work was a success!

We took down, chopped up, and disposed of the old pressboard doored cabinets, and installed open shelving. Not only can we now access the contents of shelves when the cars are in the garage, but we added an extra shelf so increased our storage space!

I know it doesn’t look like something to get excited about, but we are! It’s now a utilitarian space that works! Everything has a logical place and is easily accessible, which is key when keeping a space organized. Our biggest challenge previously was that we couldn’t access the storage, so items would get dumped where most convenient, which was that shelving unit on the far left.

Then, we trimmed countless thousands of bushes! Well, it seemed like that. We initially targeted 30 bushes to trim, but we kept going since the weather was gorgeous and they needed it! As such, we didn’t get to work in the bathroom at all, which I think was Terry’s plan all along!

It will be a short week for us. We are heading to Florida this week for the wedding of a dear friend’s daughter. It is an Indian wedding, which is just the most fun ever! I have two gorgeous, colorful lehenga gowns and even Terry has a special outfit and shoes.

I’ll be one of eight ladies dancing in the Ambarsariya at the Sangeet on Saturday, which is the choreographed dance performed by the mom and ‘aunties.’ I’ve been dutifully practicing, but am honest about my limited dance prowess. That said, I know it will be so much fun and that’s all that really matters. We will be heading home next Monday, so you’ll be hearing from me from the road and I hope to have pics to show.

New on the Blog

  • Do you remember those loom potholders you did when you were younger? I stumbled across a larger loom and more colorful loops last year and have enjoyed my time making potholders. Check it out! If you are looking for great gift ideas, a lovely, colorful potholder is always a great idea as is a loom potholder kit!
Sun-dried tomatoes on focaccia.
focaccia with oil.

From the Knit Studio

Broken Rib blanket.
Instructions showing calculations how to resize a knit blanket, washcloth or towel. Easy explanation for use with any flat kit

From the Kitchen

  • This Roasted Olives Recipe features a variety of olives, caperberries, garlic, herbs, and soft and mellow feta cheese to finish it off. It is a quick, easy, and elegant olive appetizer that will surely impress!
Feta and Roasted Olives Appetizer on Tray
  • This Butternut Squash Chili is a hearty, comforting dish perfect for a cozy night in or a festive gathering. It starts with a base of sautéed onions and garlic, to which diced butternut squash is added, lending a sweet, nutty flavor that pairs beautifully with the bold heat of jalapeños and the smokiness of chipotle in adobo. A dash of cocoa powder adds some rich and earthy depth to the chili.
Bowl of butternut squash chili.
  • This crispy & crunchy brownie brittle recipe satisfies those of us who prefer the crunchy edges and corner pieces of a traditional brownie… you know who you are! And not for nothing, it’s quick and easy to make.
Stacked pieces of brownie brittle.
  • These Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies are having a moment! If you like your cookie more chewy than cakey, with just a hint of crisp along the edges, then my friend, this is the oatmeal cookie recipe for you! And that texture combination is in addition to the tart dried cranberries, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and a hint of molasses for a flavorful cookie that will surely leave you wanting more!
Oatmeal cookie with cranberries.
  • All the deliciousness of the Snickerdoodle without the work…let’s just go ahead and call these Snickerdoodle Bars the Lazy Girl’s Snickerdoodle Cookie! 
Snickerdoodle bars.
Dog bone shaped dog treats, a few wrapped with a string.

From the Arts + Crafts Studio

  • These inexpensive and easy-to-make Oyster Shell Clusters will bring natural coastal charm to your home decor.
Oyster shell clusters.
pink and gold watercolor

In the Home

Reupholstered Chair.
  • Downsizing your home, whether by choice or necessity, can be a daunting task. Having recently gone through this process, I’m sharing TEN downsizing tips for seniors, retirees, empty nesters, or anyone choosing to move to a smaller space. These are tips that worked for us or that we realized after the fact would have been helpful.
downsizing tips

Some Fun Finds and a Few Favorites

Some of these links may be Amazon affiliate links and I may earn a small commission from the sale of these products to help defray the costs of operating this site, but the price you are charged is not affected. You can see my full disclosure policy here.

  • If you’ve been wanting to treat yourself to a Robot vacuum, there are a few on sale right now. I have a Shark Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum and my daughter has the Roomba. Both are on sale at this writing. I will say, I think the self-emptying feature is key! We run ours multiple times a week and it keeps the pet hair under control.
  • Another one of my favorite tools is my Dyson Rechargeable Stick Vacuum, which is also on sale on Amazon right now. We mounted ours in our pantry and it is used regularly as a stick or hand-held vacuum. If you have a Costco membership, do check there as they often have specials on Dysons.
  • I just purchased this Cool Mist Humidifier for my nightstand to help with winter dry skin and dry eyes. I like that it is super easy to clean and that the auto feature turns off when humidity reaches 60%. I’m a little gun-shy with humidifiers as I remember when we peeled the wallpaper off of the wall of our son’s room when he had RSV.🫨

Well, my friends, I’d love to get a little work done before we head out on Wednesday…wish me luck. In any event, I’ll ‘see’ you next Monday.


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  1. Hi Lynn, I have been enjoying your blog for many years now. I wanted to thank you for the sour dough focaccia recipe you posted today. I have loved to bake bread for most of my 71 years but during the pandemic I tried my hand at sour dough. One of my favorite recipes is for a sour dough focaccia. I have been using the recipe on the King Arthur Baking web site. It makes a focaccia that fills a 11 x 17 sheet pan. We are able to cut it in half and freeze half. The other half is used for sandwiches immediately. When we take the other half out of the freezer it tastes exactly the same as the fresh one. I cant wait to try your recipe and I hope you will try this one too. Will you be posting the recipe you got from the class you took. Those loaves looked so delicious. I like the no-knead recipe on the King Arthur web site but have yet to find a “favorite” sour dough loaf. Will you share? Thanks so much for making my Mondays special. Hugs, Cheryl

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      I’ve always had great success with the King Arthur site! I’ll give their recipe a try, too. I do like the crispy crust I get with the cast iron.

      As it relates to the class I took and the recipes; I struggled with them and have gone away from those recipes. They provided the bare bones I needed, but not enough to make me successful. Since then, I purchased the book The Perfect Loaf and have used it for much of my sourdough baking. The author/baker does a fantastic job explaining the how and why behind the steps of making sourdough. I use his basic sourdough loaf regularly and really like is sandwich loaf, which is a high hydration loaf. I made his dinner rolls for Thanksgiving and they are sooooo good.

    1. Oh Tara, that makes me so very happy! Thanks for taking the time to share that. I’m thrilled that you foiund so many useful articles.

      Have a great day!

      Hugs, Lynn

  2. Hi Lynn
    So great to see some new and tasty looking recipes. I’m currently on an elimination diet so may need to see if I can use some alternate ingredients to try to recreate as best I can. I think though, based on some of the trials I’ve had thus far, it may be best to wait until I can slowly reintroduce certain foods.
    If ever you come across an interesting ‘alternative’ recipe for something it would be great to see it. One of the most challenging right now is not being able to use eggs. Baking just isn’t the same using flax eggs.
    I’ve also wondered if your link to shopping for items you use, love and suggest would at some point be linked to a Canadian page.
    I have been saving so many of your emails and pinning items as well.
    Thanks so much for bringing so much joy to exploring my creative side.
    Take care.

    1. Hi Jackie,

      Ugh, I am sure that your elimination diet is challenging, but I sure hope it ultimately gives you the info and diet guidance you are looking for. Other than eggs, what are you having to eliminate from your diet?

      And thanks for letting me know about the Canadian links! I’ll look into that. So, those links only take you to the US site? They don’t redirect to Canadian site?

      And you are so welcome. Truly, thank you for helping me create a job that I really enjoy! Without readers like you, I couldn’t have this job or if I could, it wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable.

      Have a great day,


  3. Me too I’ve pinned the olives and the chair reupholstery one! Can’t wait to see your snaps of the Indian wedding. Have loads of fun!!🤩

    1. Those olives are so good! Enjoy them. And I hope my experience with upholstery is helpful to you.

      Thanks for taking the time to pin and for writing in! Your input is invaluable.

      I hope to get some good pics and will surely share them.


  4. Hi Lynn,
    Your recent decluttering & downsizing posts have inspired me! I am also putting together a household information file for the next people who live in this house that has been our home for 40 years. So far I have included: the last time we shingled the house, location of the septic tank (we live in a rural area), the lateral lines, & water cut-off switch. If you think of more items I should include, I would appreciate the suggestions.

    1. Good Morning Norene!

      Wow! That’s a brilliant idea. You’ve hit all the main points, but off the top of my head: if there is a pest control service you’ve used and the history, paint colors, in general the service people you’ve relied on, HVAC info. I’ll keep thinking on it…that would be a great informative blog post. Thanks for prompting me to noodle on this.


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