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A Quick and Inexpensive Sofa Refresh

For $75, I was able to do a quick and inexpensive sofa refresh!

We just moved.

I don’t know about you, but when I move, I want to mix things up a bit in the new house. Even if we had stayed in the old home, I was ready for a change. 

Much of my furnishing were bold and very colorful and I’m looking for a bit more ‘calm’ in my world lately.

So, we are getting a good bit of it reupholstered.

But…I can’t get it ALL reupholstered…hubby just really doesn’t appreciate having lovely furniture at the expense of food on the table…go figure.

In any event, I have to make some of it ‘work’ for the foreseeable future or until I win the lottery.

sofa before makeover

This sofa is one that needs to ‘work’ for a bit.

It’s in OK shape and it isn’t too busy…but just check out those saggy cushions! ? I mean…it is about 23 years old and those were the original cushions…so I guess I can’t be too surprised. And it’s funny…I just never noticed quite how saggy they were until the sofa was placed in the new house. I think we just kind of ‘stop noticing’ when we see the same thing every day. 

Just like how a new bra seems to improve everything, so it is with this inexpensive sofa refresh! Giving my cushions a new, firmer filling makes the whole sofa just seems a bit ‘perkier’! ? (I’m sorry, but you have to admit that the analogy really does work here!)

cut foam for sofa makeover

I took my cushions to our upholstery store, one that also cuts foam, and they measured and cut the foam for free. The new 5″ foam and batting together ran about $75…which isn’t bad for a quick sofa makeover.

spray glue will hold batting to foam

Then I used spray glue to adhere the batting to the foam…leaving both sides and the zipper side without batting. (Definitely take the foam outside to spray…you don’t want that stuff inside your home.)

I always have helpers…(btw…she’s not as mean as she looks. For a kitty that looks like Scar, she’s a complete sweetheart!)

cat on foam

So here’s a side by side comparison during my sofa makeover:

And with my perkier sofa, I was finally motivated to get some pictures hung! So I guess we are officially staying put for a while. (but in looking at this photo, I think I need to lower the picture on the far right…what do you think?)

Finished sofa after quick, easy and inexpensive sofa refresh

This is one of those things that I am now saying, ‘why didn’t I do this sofa makeover sooner?’ It really such makes a big difference…don’t you think? Seventy-five dollars well spent in my book!

pin showing side by side comparison of sofa during inexpensive sofa refresh

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  1. Okay, so nice cushion makeover, good to know. My dilemma is color, my sofa is in great condition but after painting my walls the color isn’t working. I know you can get covers but I want a cotton blend, not the knit stuff. So good deal that you were able to solve your problem.
    And yes , in my opinion, the pictures need to be closer together. Just saw a program on TV that was about hanging pictures. They said hang closer together, and don’t worry about measuring. Sounds good to me.
    Have a great day!

    1. Are you not able to find a cotton blend slipcover? Worst come to worse, I’m sure you could make one or find someone to make one. I have had slipcovers made for our sofas in the past.
      And I did move that picture down a bit and a wee bit closer and it looks so much better. Thanks for chiming in…great minds!

      Have a great Tuesday my friend.



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