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Decorating A Small Space For Christmas

Everybody wants their home to look perfect for the Holiday season. However, if you live in a small home, such as an apartment or granny annexe, you may be wondering how you’re going to achieve the Christmas wonderland you’ve been planning. Decorating a small space for Christmas is all about being creative. You may have to give up on the idea of a 7ft pine tree, but that doesn’t mean your home won’t look beautifully festive.

Here are some tips for decorating a small space for Christmas:

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Have A Colour Scheme When Decorating A Small Space For Christmas

Going wild with an array of multi-colored Christmas decorations can make a small space look messy and cluttered rather than festive. Instead, have a Christmas color scheme.

If your home décor, particularly in your living room or den, has a color scheme, try to find Christmas decorations that match it. Choosing tree decorations and Christmas ornaments that match the décor of the room will make your home look stylish, cozy and festive – without looking too cluttered.

Alternatively, if your home doesn’t have a color scheme and is decorated in warm, neutral shades, our advice is to choose a couple of Christmas-themed colors and stick with them. For example, decorating your tree in classic reds and greens will give your home a traditionally festive look.

Get Creative With Your Christmas Tree

When you live in a small space, you have to get creative with your Christmas tree. Slim Christmas trees are becoming a staple in many homes and are perfect for small space living.

Alternatively, you could go for a table-top Christmas tree. When decorated with soft, twinkling lights and surrounded by pretty Christmas ornaments, a tabletop tree can look incredibly effective in a small living space.

A small tabletop tree is a good tip when decorating a small space for Christmas

Focus On The Small Details

Little details make all the difference when it comes to decorating a small space for Christmas. For example, placing a Christmas doormat at the door will spread the festive cheer to your guests as they enter your home.

If you have framed pictures or a mirror on the wall, you can drape pretty pinecone garlands over them, it’s inexpensive and simple. You could also buy festive covers for you throw pillows and add a couple of Christmas throws to your settee. Swapping your normal ornaments for Christmas ornaments is also a great idea if you’re short on space.

A branch with red and white Christmas decorations is great when decorating a small space for Christmas

When entertaining guests, the small details will go a long way. For example, a Christmas tablecloth will look fabulous when decorated with gold cutlery and tall candles (battery-powered candles may be best if there’s going to be young children visiting you).

Add Wintery Wreaths

Nothing says Christmas quite like a wreath. Your home isn’t complete until a Christmas wreath has been placed on the front door. However, if you want your small home to look extraordinary over the Holidays, an indoor wreath will do the trick, especially if it light’s up!

Whether you place it on the bedroom door, in the center of the fireplace surround or even on the back of the bathroom door, it is sure to look wonderful and add a special touch of magic to your home. Find the ‘how to’ for this Christmas Wreath here.

Use wreaths to help decorate small space for Christmas. This felt leaf wreath with white berries would be perfect

Add Festive Candles

The beauty of Christmas candles is they make your home smell as festive as it looks. Choose scented candles with cinnamon, spiced apple and vanilla aromas.

Have a few scented candles dotted around your home for the ultimate Christmas feel. Placing your scented candles in votives is a good way to avoid accidents.

Make Use Of Wall Space When Decorating A Small Space For Christmas

Living in a small space means you may not have very much floor space or tabletop space… but you should have wall space! Wall space comes in handy when decorating a small space for Christmas.

You don’t even have to buy decorations specifically for your wall. Simply use what you have. Your Holiday cards and Christmas stockings make great wall features, or perhaps add a string to an indoor wreath and hang it up on your wall. Grab the pattern for these knit stockings here.

So, what are your tips for decorating a small space for Christmas? Please share them in the comments!

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pin showing small christmas tree

If you are looking for even more holiday decorating ideas, check out this Christmas tour of my home for a plethora of ideas!

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