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Monday Musings, October 28

Good Monday Morning My Friends!

Are you ready for the trick-or-treaters? We are new in this home, so I am just not sure what to expect! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I do get a whole bunch of visitors! But here’s the dilemma…not knowing how many trick-or-treaters to expect makes buying candy a little tricky. Heaven forbid we don’t have enough…but then the opposite issue is a problem too…what if we have bunches of candy left over…then we will have to eat it! ARGH!!!  (I just texted my neighbor to get the trick-or-treating lowdown!)

Have you watched Catherine the Great on HBO? We watched the first one last night. That is my kind of movie and Helen Mirren is my kind of actress. And…did you see she is in another movie out next month…The Good Liar…which also looks great.  And, as if life can get any better, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel returns December 6 and The Crown will return on November 17! I know…with that news I have probably made your Monday…but wait…there’s more!

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  • Get started on this Diagonal Basketweave Blanket for gifting!
  • This family of readers is THE BEST! Of course, you already knew that! ? But, as an example of just how great you all are, I received this image along with a little blurb about the related book (A Pebble for Your Thoughts) from one of my very first readers. The premise of the book and The Kindness Rock Project is that one rock can, at a minimum, change the day for someone. I admire the simplicity of this project and its wonderful goal. Thanks to my friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, for sending me this! (You know who you are!)

    As we mentioned above, we have the world’s greatest reader family! And since we are entering the holidays, we are thrilled to be able to gift some of you. I hope you know that we would love to be able to send a gift all of you, but then we would be living on the streets and I probably wouldn’t have great wifi connection, so then I wouldn’t be able to write the blog anymore, so clearly that won’t work. ?

    But do make sure to pop over to each of these posts and leave a comment to be entered into the giveaway…it is that simple!

    Pop over to enter the following Giveaways:

  • How to Make THE Best Pie Crust!
  • We love these Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars!

Well, my friends, I am determined to GET STUFF DONE this week, so I am signing off to get busy. I’ll be sharing some of these projects with you next week!




Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

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