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Christmas House Tour, 2022

We are opening the doors to our home for a virtual Christmas House Tour. We love decorating for Christmas, getting it all done the weekend after Thanksgiving. Many of our decorations are handmade. Many were gifts, some even handmade gifts. Many others have been collected from our many travels.

We may be a little boring as our decorations pretty much stay the same from year to year, with maybe a few tweaks here and there. We like what we like and want to see it every Christmas. There is a great deal of sentimentality and memories tied up with just about everything we display in our house at Christmas.

So, without further ado, here’s a glimpse into a few of our Christmas decorations.


Our sweet, sugar-faced Flora will greet you at the front porch, and you’ll have to give many hugs and snuggles to get past our sentry.

A dog sitting in front of a brick building

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This little tinsel tree has been named ‘the Funky Little Tree’ and displays our small collection of Shiny Brite and vintage ornaments, many of which belonged to our grandparents. It stands atop a chest in our foyer in front of the Oyster Shell Mirror I made and next to the Mark Roberts Santa Elf my parents gave me several years ago.

A Christmas tree and a santa on a table.

Our dining room is to the left of the foyer and houses one of our Christmas trees. Over the years, as our ornament collection has grown, we’ve expanded from one tree to four. Before we were married, my soon-to-be husband started giving Waterford crystal ornaments every year for Christmas.

Next year, we will celebrate our 37th anniversary, so that’s a lot of crystal ornaments! Several years ago, I moved them to their own tree in the dining room.

Christmas tree in a corner.

My pride and joy, the Santa I painted several years ago, hangs in a place of honor in the living room.

A fire place sitting in a living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

My mom needle-pointed both of the kids’ stockings when they were born.

A close up of stockings.

Mom knit my stocking when I was a child, and Terry’s mom made his stocking when he was born. As is only fair, I knit my mom her stocking.

Closeup of Christmas stockings.

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My one Christmas decor purchase this year was a bit of a splurge. Because we decorate so early, any natural greenery dries out well before Christmas, especially if we burn the fireplace. And while I use faux greenery in other places throughout the home, I was never satisfied with the faux greenery I had on the mantel.

So this year, I did some research on faux garland. I read many reviews and settled on this faux Cedar Garland from Blessings and Boxwoods on Etsy. It is absolutely perfect, and I could not be more pleased. I know I got the last two Cedar garlands this year, but she still has other garlands and will replenish her inventory next year.

Ribbon threaded through garland.

We found a beautiful live tree this year, perfect for ornament hanging, which is not always the case.

A living room with a christmas tree

Ninety-nine percent of our ornaments were purchased or given for a specific reason. For instance, Terry and I have made nachos on most Friday nights for the past 36 years, so we have a nachos ornament. The Eiffel Tower ornament commemorates our trip to Paris, and the nutcracker ornament is on the tree because I have long collected nutcrackers.

A Christmas tree with ornaments.

As a child, our son LOVED elephants, so we have many elephant ornaments on the tree.

A christmas tree with ornaments.

I made this little angel ornament from palm tree fiber in my Brownie troop in Hawaii.

A Christmas tree with ornaments.

I picked this little ornament in a darling boutique on our last day in Barcelona three years ago.

A Christmas tree with ornaments.

My mom made this needlepoint pillow of nutcrackers for me this year, so it is a new and wonderful addition to our decor.

PIllow with nutcrackers on a sofa.

This hutch in our kitchen is one of my favorite pieces! It is truly one of those ‘mean to be’ pieces because we needed something to fit into a very tight niche and I just happened upon it. I was in pretty bad shape when I purchased it, but it was lovingly restored.

Hutch with Christmas lights
Hutch with Christmas lights

In our breakfast nook, I hang a garland tied with copper cookie cutters over the window. You can also catch a wee glimpse of my Santa’s Sweet Shoppe window, which I hang in the breakfast nook.

Garland over a window.
Garland over a window.

When my parents downsized and moved, they gave me their collection of House of Hatten Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments. I put a pencil tree in our den to hold those ornaments. And I lined up a few of my nutcrackers along the transom window over our sliding glass door.

Christmas tree.
A Christmas tree ornament.

That’s a glimpse into a few of the decorations in our home. We decorate early because I love to have my collection of Christmas decorations up for as long as possible. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to nab a container of Mulling Spices on your way out.

A jar of mulling spices.

Merry Christmas!

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