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News from the Nest, August 21

Happiest of Happy Mondays!

I hope you had a great week and weekend!

I sure did. Saturday was my birthday, and I was treated like the Princess I am! (No, I’m not telling you how old I am!) Hubby did all the yardwork alone, leaving me to sit indoors, knit, and watch silly TV!

Pure bliss.

When asked earlier the week before what I wanted to do for a special birthday dinner, I couldn’t think of a local restaurant calling me, so I said I’d just like to order pizza from my favorite local pizza place. Both my husband and mom said, ‘You can’t have delivery pizza for your birthday dinner!’, to which I replied, ‘It’s my birthday, and I get to choose!’ (I’m still not telling you how old I am!)

So it was pizza until a few days before when I remembered a little local place that we hadn’t been to since before COVID. So, on Saturday, Mom, Terry, some friends, and I went out to dinner. While waiting for our table, someone came up from behind and embraced me in a BIG hug. I turned to find our daughter, who had driven 2 hours to surprise me! She had told me she’d love to come home but had a test on Monday, so couldn’t….and I believed her. It was wonderful to be surrounded and celebrated by friends and family!

All in all, it was a perfectly wonderful and special day, and I did feel like the Princess I believe I am!

O.K., fine, I’ll tell you how old I am! I am a young (25×3) – (4.5×2) + (16+4) – (5×5). But honestly, I believe the number of years you’ve been on the earth is not always the best indicator of your age. So many factors can influence that number, up or down.

Word of the Day…

I ran across this word yesterday and felt compelled to share it with you.

Psithurism [ sith-yuh-riz-uhm ] – a rustling or whispering sound, like that made from leaves blowing in the wind.

New on the Blog

Do you have a few staple recipes for which you keep the ingredients on hand, just in case? Over the past couple of years, this White Chicken Chili has become one of those staple dinners. It easily accommodates leftover chicken, ground turkey, ground chicken, chicken breasts, or thighs. I like white beans, but you can easily use what you have on hand.

Healthy White Chicken Chili in a white bowl.

Some of these links may be affiliate links and I may earn a small commission off of the sale of these products to help defray the costs of operating this site, but the price you are charged is not affected. You can see my full disclosure policy here.

From the Kitchen

  • Speaking of staple dinners, this recipe for Brothy Beans is another one that is on regular rotation. In fact, I made a pot of them just this past week. We think it is the perfect pair to garden tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella with olive oil. I can’t explain it, but some magic happens in the oven when water, Cannellini beans, olive oil, and garlic are combined and baked. I always keep a 5# bag of these Organic Cannellini Beans in the fridge. Forty dollars may seem like a lot for a bag of beans, but we get at least two meals for two of us, plus a lunch or two from one pound of beans. So, that’s right around two dollars per person per meal!
Brothy beans in a bowl with a piece of bread.
Images of 4 different frugal meal recipes, lentil soup, chili, goulash and pasta.
  • Towards this time of the year, I must wrestle a few green tomatoes from the garden to make this Shrimp and Grits recipe! If you love good Shrimp and Grits, give this one a try. And if you haven’t tried Shrimp and Grits before, this is a great place to start!
pecan sandies on a plate.

From the Knit and Crochet Studio

A Passel of Knit or Crochet Projects for Use in the Kitchen


First things first, I’ve always considered dishcloths and washcloths to be the same thing, but I know not everyone does. That being said, I don’t (knowingly) use a dishcloth on my face.

In doing some research, seems there are two camps of people, those like me and those who feel that there is a difference, primarily in size. Some folks want their dishcloths smaller than washcloths. Seems 8″ square is a common dishcloth size while a washcloth is more in the 10″ – 12″ range.

Most of my dishcloth/washcloth patterns are between 10″ and 12″. At some point, I’ll go in and provide cast-on instructions if you specifically want to knit a smaller cloth. But if want to knit smaller cloths for the kitchen, use this guide to help you figure out the cast-on for your desired size.

You will want to stick with cotton yarn for your kitchen projects. For dishcloths, it holds up well to repeated washings, and for your potholder and trivets, it won’t melt like yarn with polyester or nylon will. You could use wool, but it won’t wash as well.

garter stitch washcloth
  • This washcloth is a variation of the garter stitch theme. It is knit on the diagonal, but don’t let that intimidate you! It’s easy and fun. I was given the washcloth and a pattern by a friend and shared it using that friend’s name, but it is also known as Grandma’s washcloth.
Bridget washcloth.
partially-folded-washcloth-1-e1451653040642 (1)

Pot Holders

  • The Crochet Thermal Stitch was made for potholders! It produces a double-thick fabric that is really quite lovely.
Overhead shot of Crochet Potholder on a black pot.
Hand using knit potholder to pull cake from the oven.


Two garter stitch trivets with a loaf of bread
Round I-cord trivet.

From the Arts + Crafts Room

Illustrated instructions on how to make a fringe-edged linen tablecloth and napkins. Perfect for your holiday entertaining and special family dinners.
Turk’s Head Knot Trivet

In the Home

A travel checklist with clothes and shoes.

A Few Fun Finds

Well friends, seems I say this every week! I have so many projects and articles that are in process or need to be written up, so that will be my focus this week! At least I’m consistent.

I wish for you a wonderful week filled with all the things you need and a few pleasant little surprises!


Signature of Lynn

Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

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    1. Hi Amy, I had the perfect birthday! Only more perfect if our son could be here, but he’s across the country in San Diego. Thanks for the wishes!

      Hugs, Lynn

  1. Hi, Happy Birthday!!! I’m a newcomer to your Blog, and just Love it!!! Such good recipes, and I’m hoping to learn to knit! I can crochet. This winter…
    I love garden, so that is where I spend my time right now, in Iowa…
    Have a Beautiful Day!!!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      I am so glad to have you here and thanks for the Birthday wishes! It was a good one, in fact it is still going on as I am being treated to lunch today with some friends! I do like to celebrate all month long…why not!!??

      Here in SE North Carolina, our garden is in its final days. We had a relatively mild summer, butthe heat recently came on like gang busters and the garden said ‘I give!’ In fact, I started my fall seeds yesterday, so I’m starting the transition.

      Wishing you a wonderful day!

  2. Someone gave me a couple of diagonal garter stitch dish cloths. I loved them so much I searched the web and found your pattern —this was probably around Christmas. I had made many crocheted cloths in the past but fell in love with the knitted ones, so much so that I made several for myself. This is such an easy pattern, actually much easier than any of the crocheted ones I’ve made. Thank you.

    I don’t always check out your projects but I do enjoy the information you share.

    1. Hi Fran,

      What pattern are you using to knit your dish cloths? I’m a long time knitter and a relatively new crocheter and enjoy both, but my muscle memory is more affiliated with knit.

      Thanks for writing in! It is so good to hear from you.


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