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Food Gift Tags for Christmas

Use these Food Gift Tags to perfectly finish off the Christmas gifts you’ve baked and cooked for friends, family, and neighbors.

I truly love to receive and give food gifts at Christmas. I enjoy sharing the bounties from my kitchen, and I REALLY enjoy tasting treats from my friends’ kitchens! (hint)

Some of our favorite food gifts to share are these Rosemary Walnuts, Mulled Wine Jelly (perfect for someone new to canning), small loaves of Cranberry Banana Apple Bread, and small White Fruitcakes.

Christmas Food Gift Tags.

If your BFFs include pups, make some of these most-popular Three-Ingredient Dog Treats or any of our other dog treat recipes for them! Of course, we have gift tags for dog treats, too!

what you need

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Christmas Food Gift Tags.

how to print and cut out your Christmas food gift tags

  • Download the free PDF
  • Print it on cardstock. Make sure to set your printer to “Print Actual Size.”
A sheet of Christmas Food Gift Tags.
  • Notice that the lines for each tag extend past the gift tag to the top and bottom of the paper. Those are to help you line the tags in your paper cutter if you use one. So, go ahead and start at the farthest edge of the paper and cut along those lines.
Christmas Food Gift Tags in a paper cutter.
  • Cut each vertical strip, so you’ll have four strips of gift tags.
Christmas Food Gift Tags cut into strips.
  • To keep the tags a rectangle shape, just cut across the top and bottom of each tag, punch a hole, and thread a cute ribbon or twine through the hole.
  • If you are using a tag punch, line up the paper so that the tag’s bottom line is at the punch’s bottom. Before punching the tag out, make sure everything is lined up straight.
Christmas Food Gift Tags in a punch.
Christmas Food Gift Tags being punched.
Christmas Food Gift Tags

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Christmas Food Gift Tags

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  1. FYI, Both links go to the dog treat tags. I may be overlooking, but I can’t find a link for the food gift tags.

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