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Monday Musings, June 28

Happy almost halfway through the year 2021!

Last year, the days seemed to be crawling by. But, for good or bad, it seems we are back to the days speeding by.

We are taking our first real ‘vacation’ in almost 2 years this week, heading to Charleston, SC for a few days to meet up with some friends. We will back for the 4th and then head out a few days later to vacation with some other friends at their Lake House in Virginia. We are trying to make up for the lost time!

With our travels, we will be spending some time in the car. What are your favorite podcasts right now? Confession Time, I am a little addicted to True Crime Podcasts. If you know of some good ones, please share. Here are some of my favorite podcasts if you too find yourself spending time in the car.

I’m not sure who will get kicked out first; Delilah from the Mallard Duck society or Flora from the Golden Retriever society!

I can watch the bees flit around my garden all day…I find it mesmerizing. If you are looking to attract and feed the bees, then I have the plant for you! I have several Anise Hyssop in the garden and they are bee magnets! See that little orange/yellow blob on her leg? It is called a Corbicula or Pollen Basket. As she flits from flower to flower and accumulates pollen, she pushes it into that basket. Isn’t that cool?

Bees on a flowr stalk.

The fact that the 4th of July is this Sunday has alarmed me just a bit! I need to get my act together! I can safely say that I will most likely be making this Pulled Pork and these Red, White, and Blue Sparkler Sugar Cookies, unless I let Rob have an opinion and then I’ll probably be making these Red, White, and Blue Ice Cream Popsicles too.

I’ve been busy in the kitchen lately! This Apricot Jam (with or without added Thyme, though I think you should add it!) is my most favorite jam. I have always loved apricot jam; I think cooking and canning this particular fruit really intensifies the otherwise subtle apricot flavor.

Speaking of apricots, did you know they are a low-pectin fruit? As such, they need a little help to get to the gel stage. You could most certainly use commercial pectin, but I’m going to challenge you (it’s an easy challenge, don’t worry) to make apple pectin stock. Seriously, it’s just a matter of cooking down chopped apples (including core, pits, seeds) in water! Then you use that liquid to add the necessary pectin to low-pectin fruits. Pop on over to get the Apple Pectin Stock recipe and the free chart showing the level of pectin in a variety of fruit.

And just wait until next week, I have the most delicious Strawberry Coffee Cake to share with you!

If you have some knit blanket projects planned, make sure you bookmark this post on Resizing Knit Blankets, Dishcloths and Towels.

A printable list of 50+ chores that will take you 15-minutes or less.

This Living Centerpiece is going strong two years later! I have two of the little orchids that I have been able to ‘recycle’, so I haven’t had to purchase plants again!. I really enjoy having fresh plants and flowers on my 365 days a year, without having the cost of buying fresh plants and flowers on a regular basis!

Eco-Friendly Products and Ideas for a Sustainable Kitchen.

DIY Gift Ideas that Don’t Scream ‘DIY!’

Well my friends, before we close let me take a minute to offer prayers to the victims and their families from that Condo collapse in Miami. My heart breaks for all of them…it is unfathomable.

Wishing you peace and light,

Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

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  1. Lynn, Thanks for your ‘Monday Musings’ and your crafting, cooking, gardening etc etc ideas, hints and tips. I don’t know where you get the time to fit if all in 🤪. Enjoy your trips and seeing friends again. Take care / God Bless

    1. Oh Thea, the truth is that I don’t get it all done. You should see my craft room. At any point in time I have 4-5 unfinished projects awaiting my attention. The good news is that I am NEVER bored!

      Thanks for your kind words, my friend.

      Have a wonderful day.



  2. Thanks for all the info. Your posts are informative and encouraging. I’ m learning to crochet and challenging myself with your knitted projects. I just finished your Argyle baby blanket. I had never knitted from a chart so my dear husband typed up the whole thing for me; 19 pages! I am very happy with it and can’t wait to give it to my friend for her fourth daughter (sixth baby)! I’ve made several of your dishcloths and am working on Bridget now. I like the larger size. Enjoy your travels. We leave Thursday for an eleven day road trip visiting friends, seeing Esther at Sight and Sound in Lancaster, PA and attending church with our older daughter and her family in SC before returning home to GA. Blessings to you and yours.

    1. Hi Elaine,

      You are so very welcome. I do love this little job of mine, but it all the more enjoyable knowing that there are readers like you on the other end of my musings. Oh my heavens, what a darling husband! So, he typed out each row? That was quite an undertaking. Enjoy that road trip! It sounds lovely. Sounds like we will be passing each other on the roads at some time. We are often in Philadelphia visiting our daughter.

      Have a wonderful day, my friend.



  3. I have tried & tried to receive the washcloth knit on the diagonal and on the bias. I still don’t see the pattern in my inbox.. I also have not received the label to go along with this item. what am I doing wrong? I love your things and have many of your labels and intructions and am making all our gifts for our family of 21 this year so I better get going! I look forward to hearing from and appreciate help in obtaining the pattern and label.

  4. I listen to Splendid Table and What I should Read Next too!
    Give Biscuits and Jam (Southern Living) a try, I love it! All Recipes Homemade is always enjoyable and Say it Southern!!! Enjoy your vacation!

    1. I will love the Biscuits and Jam podcast…how have I never heard it? Thanks for the suggestions, my friend.

      Have a great day.



    1. Hi Lynne,

      You are so right about succulents. In fact, we made a beautiful succulent planter for my mom recently for her patio table. The colors are just beautiful…almost blue.

      Thanks for the suggestion.



    1. Hi Gail,

      Isn’t that interesting! I just really love watching Bees…they are such a brilliant little insect! 🐝



  5. Hello Line, I admire everything you do and your organization! I wish I could do the same, what energy. Well done! Nice day to you. Mima from Belgium.

    1. Hello Mima from Belgium! Thanks so much for your kind words and for reading along with us here on Nourish and Nestle. I promise you…I am not always organized and there are many days when our home is a mess! But I enjoy this little job of mine and so glad you are enjoying it too.

      Have a wonderful day!



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