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News from the Nest, October 24

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

James Keller

This quote is included in a calendar that a friend gave to me. Do you know how you ‘look’ at something every day but really don’t see it? I don’t know how long it took me actually to read it, but once I did, it stuck with me.

And to take that analogy of the quote a bit further, each time a candle lights another candle, the room gets brighter. My image is that of our church on Christmas eve when all the lights are turned off, and the candles provide the only light.

The flame from one of the candles on the Advent wreath ends up being shared with every candle the congregation members hold, slowly lighting the chapel with its glow.

The quote really does evoke a lovely image, doesn’t it?

Well, we concluded our Week of Work last week, crossing off everything on the original list and even adding a few as we went along.

We started the week in our Master Closest. If you remember, my goal was to get Terry to go through his T-shirts and discard those that he never wears. Well, after much prompting, he did go through them and discarded exactly ZERO! At least they are in nice, straight stacks now, though.

I, on the other hand, took two BIG bags of clothing to both Goodwill and the local consignment store. We did a little rearranging on my side of the closet, and it looks so organized! I am at the point where I go in the closet just to admire how great it looks. I am slowly whittling my wardrobe down to a bit of a capsule wardrobe.

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If you are a fan of historical drama, check out Becoming Elizabeth and The Empress. I’ve been working on some knitting projects while watching these shows.

For women ‘of a certain age’, a recent study has found that prunes have a chemical composition that helps prevent or delay bone loss/osteoporosis!

new on the blog

  • With the baking season upon us, I gathered a plethora of helpful tips and tricks to make your cookie baking more efficient. Many of these tips will also help you produce even more tasty and attractive baked goods. Check out all the baking tips for the best cookies here.
A plate of Molasses cookies.

more baking and kitchen tips

Watercolor lemon with measuring equivalents.
Spiced Madeleines with maple glaze with a cup of tea.

fun diy projects


recent comments

My kitchen cupboards look amazing now & started my sewing studio, excited to get that all streamlined & more efficient! 😊 thanks for the great tips!


Hi Lynn ..Thankyou for your dishcloth patterns. I was looking for easy knitting project to inspire me back to do some knitting. Not only do they look good but they are so nice to use. Now knitting them for my friends!

Always look forward to your weekly email.


random bits and bobs

  • If you are ambivalent as to the color, you could score a 10-ounce YETI Rambler for $15 (50% savings)
  • It was the daily deal yesterday, but the prices are still reduced today…if you are or have a dog lover in your world, these Jack Rogers flats are 40% off. Plus, if you sign up for the mailing list, you get another 15% off. I was able to purchase a pair with both of these discounts yesterday. They have several breeds (Golden Retriever, Yellow Lab, Black Lab, Golden Doodle, Dachsund, Corgi…maybe more)
Blue shoes with corgi embroidered on them.

Okey Doke, my friends

I’m working on a couple of knitting projects that I’m anxious to get to you asap, so I’ll be watching Becoming Elizabeth (think I’m on the last episode, though! 😮) and furiously knitting today.

Wishing you a fantastic week!

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  1. Hi Lynn, I had to chuckle about getting your husband to go through his tees and not tossing any. I have exactly the same problem. 2 drawers full of tees, and if I say “ maybe we could get rid of a few you don’t wear”, I get “ I wear these all the time”. So all that gets to Goodwill is my stuff. But I have to say, almost 3 bags full and my closet doesn’t look any emptier. ??? But I am still working on it.
    So good luck. Maybe you could sneak a couple in the bag😳
    Have a great day. Love, Juanita

    1. Hi Juanita,

      I’m glad I’m not the only one! And let’s not get started on the fact that he needs to save EVERY SCRAP OF WOOD that we come in contact with…’you never know when we’ll need this!’…ARGH.

      Keep working on your closest. Have you done the ‘turn your hangers around at the beginning of the year trick’? Then, when you’ve worn something, hang it up the right way. At hte end of the year, you’ll be able to see what you’ve worn and haven’t worn.

      Hugs, Lynn

  2. Love reading your posts, Lynn. I’ve printed your directions for pie crust – I have a hard time making a nice flaky crust. I’m on the lookout for pastry flour now! I’m getting the urge to knit again – do we all do that? Kinda like nesting, getting ready for the cold weather to come. Jan in MA

    1. Hi Jan! Definitely in the mood for nesting! And I think up in MA, you probably have a head start on the nesting urge! What are you in the mood to knit? I am just finishing up a knit gnome (or gnit gnome? or knit knome? 😁) ornament pattern that I hope to publish next week…rather a quick little knit to use up some of your stash bits and bobs!

      I hope your pie crusts turn out as you hope! If you can find that pastry flour, it does help. And refrigerate it! The only one I can find locally is Bob’s REd Mill.

      Keep in touch with your pie success and your knit project!

      Hugs, Lynn

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