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Monday Musings, December 7

Good Morning, my friends.

It is a chilly, rainy morning here in Wilmington, NC…but I don’t mind a bit. As long as I don’t have to be out and about, I love a good cold and rainy day from time to time. A fire is burning in the fireplace, the Christmas trees are lit, Christmas music is playing throughout the house and I’m a happy gal.

That being said, I am counting down the days until my fledglings are back in the nest…1 week and 5 days!

Also, and I’m not exactly sure how this is going to work, but my mom and I are supposed to be able to visit with my dad this afternoon! We all have to wear masks and I think there will be a plexiglass partition, but my understanding is that we will be in the same room. I am prepared that it will be bittersweet.

I think we have figured out how we can all ( the four of us and my mom) be together on Christmas morning…at least for a little bit. We have one chair in our living room that is set further away from most of the seating in the room. We will have mom sit there. Normally, one of the kids distributes the packages…one at a time…we like to make the morning last as long as possible. However, this year, we will have everyone’s gifts already sitting by their chair.

We will wear masks, open a few windows, turn up the heat, and have the overhead fan going.

Mom will stay in the chair to open her gifts. As it stands now, we think she will stay for breakfast. If so, I’ll lay the food out on the counter and let mom go get her food first. We will eat on trays back in our seats in the living room.

Mom won’t stay for the day, just for presents and maybe breakfast.

We will postpone our big, Christmas Family dinner until the kids have been home for 10 days. Then I think we will feel safe enough to have mom come back over for dinner.

All that being said, as with everything this year, we will be flexible and make adjustments as needed.

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My friend, Maureen, organized a few bloggers to decorate and share their Christmas tables. You can see my Winter White Christmas Table here.

My brother is quite the cook! He is infinitely more adventurous in the kitchen than I am, but it is fun to swap recipes with him. If you have a guy on your gift list who likes to cook and spend time in the kitchen, then my brother’s suggestions for gifts for foodie guys will be helpful.

I fully admit I have ‘a linen problem’…but I do believe it is genetic. When my stash of linens outgrew my dining room buffet, I had to think of a better way to store and organize them. Stop over to see how to easily organize your table linens.

I’m still working on redecorating (well, skip the ‘re’ part since this room has been totally neglected since we moved in 18 months ago!) the guest room, which is also Kate’s room. Thus far, I have painted, made a bed skirt, ordered lamps, and had a cushion made. This week I hope to make covers for the Euro shams on the bed and figure out some artwork. But I did get one of these for the room; I think guests/Kate will appreciate being able to charge devices easily.

It is not too late to bake a couple of these delicious and moist white fruitcakes. They are a family favorite in our home.

Don’t forget to grab your Christmas Money Gift Envelopes.

And lastly, if you are thinking of doing a bit of decluttering at the beginning of the year, make sure to sign up for the 2021 Declutter Challenge. Starting on January 8, 2021, you will receive 6 weekly emails that contain checklists and tips for decluttering each area of your home.

Have a great day my friend. Look for ways to find ‘normal’ in the most ‘not normal’ time we are in.


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