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News from the Nest, June 5

Why, hello there, June! You are such a lovely month! You are summer, but not the dog days. You are that lovely bridge between spring and summer.


“June” sang the river, “June” sang the sky;
“June” sang the trees and the flowers together,
“June” sang the meadow-lark, “June” sing I;
June is the month of singing weather.
June is the time for swinging clover,
Time for the rumbling old fat bee-rover,
Time for the sky to bend sweetly over,
And whisper, “Earth dear, from the East to the West
You are lovely all seasons—but in June far the best!”

Annette Wheeler

a suggestion on what not to do…

The day we were moving our daughter’s possessions into the Budget Rental Van, I walked into a bolt on a cast-iron pipe in the basement of her lovely 100-year-old apartment building. Needless to say, a gash to my noggin and blood ensued.

Of course, my tetanus shot wasn’t up to date, and given the cleanliness of this basement, we decided I needed to remedy that, so I was hustled on over to the local urgent care. In addition to the shot, the doctor suggested one stitch to close the gash. He gave me the options of a staple, a stitch, or glue. The staple and stitch option required me to head back somewhere to get them removed a week later, while the glue option, he claimed, would easily work its way out.

I attribute the knock to my nugget for my decision, but I opted for the glue, which also involved using the hair on either side of the wound to tie a knot to close the wound. 🤔 It sounded like a good idea at the time. But fast forward two weeks later, the wound healed, but this knot was like cement in my hair and was not going anywhere!

The highlight of my weekend was soaking this knot in my hair with pure acetone in an attempt to dissolve the glue. Multiple, lengthy applications of acetone, a thin knitting needle, tweezers, and a very patient husband finally succeeded in ridding me of this pesky knot! Hallelujah!

The next time I am faced with such a decision, I’m opting for the staples or the stitch.

new on the blog

Baked Beans in a white baking dish.
  • Take advantage of the new season to do a little seasonal decluttering! This Summer Decluttering Checklist details twelve items you might overlook while doing your decluttering at other times of the year.
Stack of rocks on a beach

from the knit studio

from the kitchen

Rhubarb Jam in a jar in front of several rhubarb stems and a stack of jars.
  • Do you have someone allergic to tomatoes or nightshades? Check out this homemade Nomato Sauce that gets pretty darn close to the flavor of tomatoes. And the added benefit…it is chock full of nutritious vegetables.
  • Brownie Brittle is the fun, sweet treat you didn’t know you needed!
Stacked pieces of brownie brittle.

father’s day

in the garden

  • Over the past several months, we’ve done a deep dive into companion planting for our vegetable gardens. Read all about Companion Planting and nab the printable guide.

in the home

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a few favorite finds

  • We get many compliments and questions about where we found the obelisks we use as tomato cages and cucumber trellis! We couldn’t be happier with them and found them at Walmart at a reasonable price.
  • My daughter turned me on to this lighter (see what I did there?!) I like that it is rechargeable, meaning I won’t be adding more plastic to the landfill and it’ll save me $$. She’s had hers for 4 years, and it is still going strong.
Corten steel vegetable raised garden beds.

Well friends, wishing you a wonderful week, filled with everything you need!

Until next week,

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  1. Love that pretty knitted dishcloth! I am very interested in how or if you made those flower “hanging balls” that is on your email cover page? I love those! Any instructions ?

    1. Hi Colleen, I wish I made those balls! Those were hanging at the entrance to the Philadelphia Flower Show last year. Aren’t they gorgeous?

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