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Monday Musings, October 26

Halloooo Buddies!

It just dawned on me when I wrote out the date that in 2 months Christmas will be in the rearview mirror! How is it that with everyone’s wings being clipped, time seems to be speeding up? Seems that all this time in quaran-cation should have slowed it all down! Dagnabbit!

Finally, after weeks of saying I was going to do it, I painted the guest room and started painting the second bedroom. A coat of fresh paint makes such a BIG difference! It’s just a basic white paint, but the rooms are brighter and crisper.

I have big plans for these 2 rooms, most of which I will be doing myself. We have lived here for over a year now and these rooms have been completely neglected…haven’t even hung a picture! I want them done by Thanksgiving when the kids come home. I’ll have a big reveal when they are finished.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, don’t forget to grab your 2020 Thanksgiving Planner. And while you are at it, go ahead and print off the 2020 Ultimate Holiday Planner to at least start thinking about your plans for the next 2 months. You’ll be glad you got a head start. More than ever, I really want these 2 holidays to be relaxed and focused on the real meaning and less focused on the ‘busy’.

With Christmas less than 2 months away, have you started thinking about or making gifts yet?

You could knit up a bunch of washcloths/dishcloths for giving this year. Pop over here for all of my knit washcloth patterns in one place. If you are a new knitter, start with either the Bridget Washcloth or this very simple knit washcloth pattern which uses the moss stitch.

If you have someone who loves to cook or spend time in the kitchen, here are some of my favorite and USEFUL stocking stuffers for cooks.

The oenophiles on your gift list might appreciate one of these gifts for wine lovers.

And knitters will appreciate these gift ideas for knitters.

If you are a maker, this list of DIY Gifts that Don’t Scream ‘DIY!’ will certainly be of use to you. This post has been in the top 10 most popular posts for a month or so now, so it would seem that many makers are starting to ponder their handmade gifts already!

And once you make your gift, consider how you will give your gift. These little canvas gift bags with iron-on labels are perfect for your gifts of jams or jellies, general food gifts, and hand-knit washcloths.

I’ve posted this before, but I think it bears repeating that the mail will be running much slower in December than it has in Decembers past, so do make sure to get your packages mailed earlier this year.

These lovely reviews feed my soul! Thank you!

Lynn, I made the Date Nut Bar recipe…very delicious recipe! I will keep this to enjoy again! You have the best recipes, yum yum.


Well, my friends. The paint is calling and I must go! I’ll have it all done by the end of the day and then the real fun starts!!

Many wishes for a wonderful Monday and a fantastic week.


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    1. Good Morning Lana,

      I hope this finds you well! I am relatively new to crochet, but I am slowly building my library. I’ve started with this Crochet Washcloth and have several more in the works. I hope to have some time this week to work on some.

      I’m glad to know that there are crocheters out there looking for patterns, so that will light a fire under me!

      Have a great day.


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