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News from the Nest, February 6

Hi-dee-ho, digital neighbor! I sincerely hope your day and week are off to a good start! And welcome to those of you who have recently just joined us from Simplify Daily! You’ll find that Decluttering is just one of the topics we regularly discuss here.

It will be a short week for us as we head to Florida on Wednesday to visit Terry’s stepdad and some friends. We will spend a day in Savannah on the way home and would love any restaurant recommendations.

I found out on Thursday that I have NO health insurance due to a confluence of unfortunate events. ZERO! And that I haven’t had it for the past five weeks this year. That’s a little unnerving for a woman of a certain age. To that end, I’ve wrapped myself in bubble wrap and am avoiding cracked mirrors and ladders until Wednesday, when a new policy kicks in. Wish me luck!

new on the blog

How to Avoid Inadvertently Cancelling Your Health Insurance…just joking 🤣🤣🤣! But seriously, I could write a lengthy article on this topic after my infuriating calls with multiple BCBSNC and HealthCare.Gov employees last week.

The seventh post in our Seven Week Declutter Series focuses on Mental Clutter and how to Declutter Your Mind. The previous six posts in the series provided a checklist of items you could toss from certain rooms and most likely never miss. The checklist helps jumpstart the process, which many find very useful. Unfortunately, there is no checklist for mental clutter…wouldn’t that be lovely, though. Instead, this post gives an overview of mental clutter and some tips to deal with it and keep it at bay.

Remember, you can join the challenge ANYTIME!

from the knitting basket

  • I made this knit purse for my mom several years ago, and it still remains her ‘spring and summer’ purse. The folks at Annie’s Catalog asked me if they could sell this pattern in the catalog, and I agreed. I do get a percentage of the sales. BUT (shhh, this is our little secret), subscribers to Nourish + Nestle have access to this pattern for free. And don’t forget you could nab the printable pattern in the Library.

On a somewhat related note, I am in AWE of people who have seasonal purses or change their purses to go with their ensemble. I have used the same purse, 7 days a week/365 days a year, for (without exaggeration) 16 years! As my grandma would say, ‘that’s what makes the world go ’round.’ Those little differences/preferences in each of us fuel our world.

  • This Eyelet Baby Blanket was my first baby blanket pattern, and I have a soft spot in my heart for it. It is such a sweet little blanket.

from the kitchen

  • This Jalapeño Cheese Spread is SUPER easy to make if you need a quick nosh for your SUPER Bowl gathering…or if you just feel like a yummy quick nosh. No Football required!
  • Tuck some habanero peppers into this Mango Habanero Salsa if you want more heat in your appetizer. Once again, it is easy to make…you can use frozen mango. Just be sure to wear gloves when dicing those little orange balls of fire.
Mango salsa with whole mango and habaneros.
  • Seems like the perfect time for this 15 Bean Soup Recipe. Swap out the smoked ham for smoked turkey for a healthier version of this classic.
A sandwich sitting on a wooden plate with a jar of barbecue sauce.
  • Do you or does someone in your family love Snickerdoodle cookies? Our entire family does, so I wanted an easier, quicker way to enjoy them without having to roll each dough ball in cinnamon sugar. Enter the Snickerdoodle Cookie Bar!
Snickerdoodle bars.

dogs love Valentine’s Day, too!

the home

  • Wrap a piece of paper towel secured by a rubberband around your bottle of oil to prevent sticky drips.
White paper towel wrapped around a bottle of oil held on with a rubber band.
Using needle and thread to mend a hole in knit fabric.

a few favorite finds

Some of these links may be Amazon affiliate links and I may earn a small commission off of the sale of these products to help defray the costs of operating this site, but the price you are charged is not affected. You can see my full disclosure policy here.

Cute and useful measuring cups on sale at Walmart. I’m always on the lookout for functional but attractive measuring cups…they make great gifts for new brides, young people getting their first apartments, etc…

This thermometer is so dang useful! When it was so cold this weekend, we found areas under doors, in outlets, and around windows where we clearly to add some weather stripping or insulation. I also use it to find warm spots to let my bread rise and cooler spots to ferment vegetables. We have the Black and Decker one, which seems to be sold out everywhere; I wonder if it is discontinued. But this one has great reviews and is more competitively priced.

I’m trying to decide whether I should get this Blanket Basket or this Blanket Chest. My challenge is…Peep, the cat, loves to lie in the current blanket basket, which has seen better days. The lid is long gone, so she can jump in and out at her whim.

This Label Maker is the bomb diggity! Use the app on either your Android or iPhone and print at will!

Well, friends. I’ll be awaiting a repairman today. I’ll also be doing a little baking and crafting today to share with you in the upcoming weeks.

Wishing you a fantastic day!

Signature of Lynn

Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

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  1. Hi Lynn,
    No health insurance? Oh my, I would be at wits end if that happened to me. And it would be my luck to find I needed it for some big problem. Hang in there!
    I like the first blanket basket, in fact, after cleaning out a trunk, might have to invest also.
    I’m going through my cupboards, did you know the spice jars are the germiest thing in the kitchen? I thought about it and yes that’s probably true. So I cleaned mine out and found a lot of old ones, and wiped down the ones I’m keeping. Now to get on to the dishes…ugh!
    I’m one of those that can’t seem to find just the right purse. I don’t like a big one, but I like one with pockets. So I keep trying. If there was a way to carry everything I need without a purse I would be delighted.
    My big thing is jackets….oh don’t get me started!
    Well have a good time in Florida!
    Take care,
    Love, Juanita

    1. Juanita,

      Needless to say I was in a bit of wad about the insurance thing! I am stil anticipating that I will have insurance tomorrow…fingers crossed.

      I still can’t decide what to do about that blanket basket. One thing about me; making decisions is painful! I’m going back and forth…regardless of which one I get, poor Peep will lose her favorite napping spot. I guess I could move that basket somewhere else! Hm…I think I’m on to something. Now to decide which one!

      Spice jars sure do get grimy! I buy spices in bulk and refill my jars as needed. From time to time, I run them through the dishwasher.

      So, jackets is your thing! Are your pockest filled with various treasures? You probably love to put one on that you haven’t worn in a bit to discover what you stashed away! That’s kind of fun!

      We will enjoy our little trip! It’s been a long time that just the two of us headed out on just a little vacation. It will be easy and slow.

      Hugs, Lynn

  2. I feel your pain (virtual) regarding health insurance. In early December as we experienced “open enrollment” with our former employers, I counted up to 8 companies I was communicating with to get things lined out. I never imagined that being retired could be so much fun! (I hope I have health insurance, but have yet to attempt to use my new insurer).

    1. Argh! You might want to check! I assumed I did as well and have had 2 dr. visits and 1 lab visit this year, only to find out now that I was never covered! Not such a pleasant surprise. We have yet to receive the med bills for those uncovered visits! That’s the next shoe to drop.

      Keeping my fingers crossed that you do have insurance!


  3. I’m so excited when I see your email waiting in my list of mostly dull emails trying to tempt me to buy something!!
    Thank you Lynn have a great visit and I’m now going to order some yarn you recommend and knit your cute purse!!
    Thanks again and best wishes from Noosa, Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia!! X

    1. GOOD DAY, JILL! (I’m yelling so you can hear me all the way over in Queensland! 😁) And thank you so very much for your wonderfully kind words. You have no idea how they make my heart sing! 🎶 BTW, I’m listening to a podcast right now that is out of Australia, called The Lady Vanishes…it is really long and I’m probably not even a quarter of the way through it. But it has my attention.

      Thanks again for taking the time to write those kind words. I do love this little job of mine! But, it is all the more enjoyable when I receive messages like yours. ❤

      Have a great day!

      Hugs, Lynn

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