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News from the Nest, October 17

This caught my eye in the San Diego airport, and I had to snap the picture. I do believe all the scientific evidence that smiling is good for your health by raising serotonin levels and smiling makes you look better and all that, but sometimes it is really just this simple…

Sea and San Diego
  • Do you have a secret spice ingredient that is your go-to when a food you are cooking ‘needs something,’ but you just aren’t sure what it is? As I sprinkled nutmeg in the polenta I was cooking last night, I realized that nutmeg is my secret spice ingredient. When I’m preparing cauliflower, really any way, it gets a sprinkling of nutmeg. Sometimes a pinch or two gets added to my tomato sauce. Of course, I use it heavily in baking and seasonal, spiced drinks. So, what is your secret spice ingredient?
  • Today is a big day in our house. It is the first day of our semi-annual ‘Week of Work.’ I’ve written about our ‘Week of Work’ in the past, but if you missed it, here’s the lowdown. Terry and I set a week and clear our calendars for that week to focus on those little bothersome to-dos that need to get done. This week, we’ll be doing a little yard clean-up, but most of the chores will be indoors. I’m embarrassed to tell you that for the 3 years we’ve lived in this house, we’ve had things sitting in our master closet waiting to be put in their permanent place. In my defense, I was waiting to get our master bathroom done, to figure some things out. But it is now time! We have pictures to hang and a little organization to do in the garage. I will attempt, for the umpteenth time, to convince my husband to part with a few of the 179 t-shirts he owns but never wears. All told, there are 15 tasks on our list that I will be thrilled to cross off.

new on the blog

  • As we get closer to ‘Baking Season’, I thought a deep dive into two very common ingredients would be helpful for all of us! Check out this post on Baking Powder and Baking Soda to learn all about the two ingredients, how they actually work, if they can be substituted and how to tell if they are fresh.
Box of baking soda and baking powder and measuring spoons.
  • If you need a recipe that will make you the most popular person in your home? Prepare the batter the night before and wake the house to the aroma of freshly baked Apple Spice Donut Holes. You can make the holes in a mini muffin pan or a donut hole pan.
apples spice donut holes on a pedestal

It is so interesting to see what articles folks are reading right now. You can see how certain seasonal posts are picking up and how some stay popular regardless of the season. Here are the top ten most popular posts on the blog right now.

  • I ❤ that these Three-Ingredient Dog Treats are consistently in the top three most popular posts year-round! I own that I could be called a ‘crazy dog lady,’ and so I’m glad I’m in good company!
Heart shaped dog treats.
  • And no matter the season, there are a whole bunch of you knitting washcloths and dishcloths! In fact, I just received this picture from Rita, who has knit several of our washcloths. Don’t they look lovely in her bathroom! The white one is the Chinese Wave Washcloth (perhaps my favorite!), and the ecru one is the Daisy Stitch Washcloth. Didn’t Rita do a lovely job!? They look great in that gorgeous bathroom.
Washcloths in a bathroom.
Christmas Stocking with nutcracker and presents tucked in.

Some of these links may be Amazon affiliate links and I may earn a small commission from the sale of these products to help defray the costs of operating this site, but the price you are charged is not affected. You can see my full disclosure policy here.

indoor gardening

As our time working in outside draws to a close, it is a great time to turn your attention to your indoor gardens!

bits and bobs

  • This post is sooooo old, and the pictures are sooooo bad, but the guidance is still spot on. As we dive into our closet this week, I am really going to encourage my husband to take all of his clothes out of the closet and really look at each item before he decides to put it back in. Wish me luck!
  • We will be moving some pictures around this week, and I swear by this little touch-up kit. Do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes putting one together. It is such a time and aggravation saver.
  • Speaking of crazy dog moms, these shoes! 😍
  • This caddy is truly one of the handiest little things! I keep so much in it! My office is upstairs, so every evening, I tuck my laptop, mousepad, mouse, and planner in it and take everything downstairs. In the morning, back upstairs it goes. It is my mobile office. If you are looking for a useful Christmas gift for a knitter, crafter, or new mom…I highly recommend it.

Well friends, wish me luck this week! Hopefully I’ll report back next week that we made quite a dent in the t-shirt inventory we are housing.


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