Knitting has been a hobby for many years; it is one of my most favorite ways to unwind and pass the time. I have also recently learned to crochet, primarily to add borders to my knit projects. Years ago I was primarily a sweater knitter, but more recently my knit projects are more household-related and make great gifts, which is why you will find washcloths and blankets among the knit & crochet patterns and projects on this page.

From knit baby blankets to chunky knit blankets to crocheted edging on a linen blanket, there are several options to choose from if you are looking for a knit blanket project.

My Knit and Crochet patterns and projects utilize a variety of stitches and are suitable for both beginner and experienced knitters and crocheters. Most of the patterns and projects include links to YouTube videos and teaching sites showing skills specific to that pattern.

You can access my Knit and Crochet YouTube Videos here.

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And I’ve linked to some of my favorite knit ‘tools’ and products I have used for my knit projects here

I hope that you enjoy browsing through these patterns and that you find something that strikes your fancy. I will continue to add to this collection, so please visit often.

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Knit and Crochet Patterns: