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Monday Musings, June 21

Good Monday Morning!

Whether it was relaxing or productive, I hope your weekend was everything you needed it to be. Ours was the perfect combination of both.

This is that time of the season when we start to reap the benefits of all the hard work in our vegetable garden. We’ve enjoyed tomatoes, eggplant, and green beans from our garden and are this close 🤏 to enjoying cucumbers, both for salad and pickling.

We also have several mystery cucurbits thriving! Our compost wasn’t ready when we spread it in the garden this past spring, and several seeds must have remained intact. In fact, I have quite a large mystery cucurbit flourishing in my front yard flower bed that I am determined to let be.

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I have always grown zinnias, and they are truly one of my favorite summer flowers. This year I added Tequila Lime Zinnias and now will always have them in my garden! I love the pop of bright green they add to my cut flower arrangements.

If your vegetable garden is flourishing as well, consider preserving some of your harvest in the form of Crisp, Refrigerator Pickles (Jar-by-Jar recipe), Pickled Jalapeño Rings, Jalapeño Wine Jelly, and Smoky, Spicy Tomato Jam.

If you are new to knitting or are looking for a super easy project for the summer, this Quick and Easy Washcloth is the perfect pattern.

What is the difference between Jam, Jelly, Preserves, Conserves, and Marmalade? What are the basic ingredients of thes jellied fruits? Answers to these and other pressing questions, as well as links to a variety of related recipes on this Jam Making Basics post.

If you’ve been decluttering lately, this list of where to take your discards will come in handy.

Tips to Stop and Reduce Food Waste.

How to Restore an Old Wood Cutting Board and How to Rescue Rusted Cast Iron.

Well my friends, enjoy your Monday and your Tuesday and well, you get the idea. Let’s meet back up next week!


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  1. Although I am not in the beginner category any longer–I am to a point in my life where simpler is better!!! Thanks so much for this easy dishcloth–now, I do not have to search any further. Also, more difficult and time consuming projects don’t seem to be any more appreciated than the simple patterns. It’s the thought that counts!!! Kudos to you, Lynn

    1. Hi Sandra,

      I am so glad you are enjoying it. Simpler is always better! And it ‘works’ just as well as a fancy washcloth, right?

      Have a wonderful day, my friend.



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