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News from the Nest, June 6

When Life Gives You a Monday, Sprinkle it With Glitter and Sparkle all Week!

First things first, a HUGE mea culpa from me. Last week I told you all of a ‘great sale’ on KitchenAid mixers because KitchenAid’s ad agency had written to inform me of this ‘great sale.’ It turned out that it was on one mixer and the whole ‘code’ thing wasn’t even necessary. I’m sorry about that. I rarely promote big sales, but this sounded like something you might appreciate. You know that adage, ‘if it sounds too good to be true…’ Well, case in point. Please accept my apologies and know that I will be much more circumspect going forward.

It feels like summer here in Southeastern North Carolina, and I keep getting ‘flashbacks’ to the summers of my youth. I’m sure these flashbacks are aided by the ’70s station I’ve been listening to. Isn’t it amazing the ability of music to transport you back to other times! Each time I get one of these mini flashbacks, I also try to remember the carefree life I lived back then and try to channel that summertime feeling that every day was a wonderful and exciting possibility.

Last week was a BIG week in our family! Two good things happened; our son, the youngest, began his new job in San Diego, CA…on the other side of the continent! One week in, and he loves it. He’s in the ‘tech industry’, so it is a very hip and relaxed atmosphere which suits him perfectly.

The other good thing that happened last week is that, 18 months after our dad’s death, we were finally given a date and time for his service at Arlington National Cemetery! Much of the delay was Covid-related, but geez…it’s been a long wait. After serving our country for more than twenty years in the Navy, we are so very anxious to give him the service and the honors that he deserves.

  • Terry and I are taking my mom to Philadelphia for the Flower Show that starts this weekend! Of course, the bonus is that we will also visit our daughter for the weekend. I will take lots of pictures.
  • We have two ‘gardens,’ the one in the yard where we grow tomatoes and beans. Typically we would’ve planted cucumbers and a few more vegetables, but being gone for three weeks this spring forced us to pare down our spring garden chores. The other ‘garden’ is in various pots on the porch right outside our screen porch and is primarily herbs, with a few veggies tossed in. The day before we left for Italy (7 weeks ago), I bought and planted a patio tomato. It’s called a ‘Goliath Bush’ tomato, and the whole ‘Goliath’ thing is not an exaggeration. If you are looking for a compact, determinate patio tomato that produces large fruit, this might be for you!

The largest tomato is just starting to ripen, it is getting that yellowy/orangey hue. It is 3.5″ in diameter, so it’s a good size for a patio tomato! And there are 17 good size tomatoes on it right now, with more in the small and bud stage. Now it is determinate, which means this plant will produce all its tomatoes in a 2-3 week period and then pretty much be done for the year. But that’s OK because my garden is filled with several indeterminate varieties, meaning they will ripen all season.

I do like to have at least one determinate variety to get the tomato season kicked off! Supposedly, this Goliath Bush has a good flavor, but I’ll pop back in to give you a report on that too.

  • So many of you responded to my plea for a good soap scum remover! And there was a clearly consistent reply…Dawn and Vinegar! Who Knew!? I haven’t tried it yet, but I will soon. Thank you!
Birdbath in a garden

Is This The Year You Learn To Make Jams and Jellies?

Jars of jam in front of a window.
Jars of dill Pickles

In the Home

Make Something!

Well, my friends, I wish you a wonderful Monday, full of glitter and sparkles!

Many Hugs,

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