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News from the Nest, May 15

Good Day, my friends!

If you are new here, welcome! We are so glad to have you. I know we are welcoming quite a few of you from our Declutter Checklist series. In a nutshell, not only do we tackle decluttering here on Nourish and Nestle, but we share recipes, craft projects, gardening tips, and truly much more. Check it out! I think you’ll find a great deal that interests you.

Talk about a full weekend! We did yardwork Friday and Saturday morning, drove 2.5 hours to have dinner with our newly graduated nephew and his family Saturday night, drove 2.5 hours home Sunday morning, had brunch with my mom and then entered a food coma, which I think I’m just coming out of!

I spent a good deal of time recovering from the food coma knitting while watching Queen Charlotte on Netflix…highly recommend! On the other end of the spectrum, after dinner with our nephew we all watched Cocaine Bear. I have no words for it. 😳

new on the blog

Make your own Lemon Pepper Seasoning! It’s easy to do and you can control the amount of salt and other ingredients. My recipe is a very low sodium version, but you could leave the salt out altogether. Customize it to suit your taste.

And we are still continuing our Companion Planting Journey! This week we delve into the best plant partners for broccoli! Here’s the entire series.

from the knit studio

Knit washcloth and a bar of green soap in a gold wire basket.

from the kitchen

Lynn, I also have 2 golden retrievers – 4yr old Tucker & 6 month old Sammy. I wanted to let you know how much they LOVE your 3 ingredient dog treats. I am making them SO often that instead of using cookie cutters I roll the dough out on a silpat and cut it into small squares with a pizza cutter. I don’t even separate it. They come apart after they have cooled down. My husband – working from home, keeps a container on his desk for visits from the boys, recently said he occasionally eats one too. Thanks for a great healthy and easy recipe.

Heart shaped dog treats.
  • That lemon pepper seasoning is a great way to reduce waste and save money in the kitchen. If you need to juice a lemon for anything, zest it before you juice it. Then dehydrate the zest for use in the lemon pepper seasoning. I make the lemon pepper seasoning at the same time I make these lemon and ginger cubes for my ice water or hot tea.
  • It’s strawberry season! Take a gander at our recipes featuring this lovely red harbingers of spring.

from the craft room

  • Sew your own bed skirt! I’ve made this box pleat bed skirt for two beds in our home and will never make or buy another bed skirt. Here’s why:
    • It stays in place! No more shifting bed skirt!
    • If you spill something, just wash that section. Lift the mattress and detach it to clean and to reattach. No more having to take the whole mattress off, wash the whole skirt and then have to lay the mattress back on top just so to avoid the skirt shifting…you know what I mean!
    • It is SUPER easy to make. If you can sew a straight line and measure, you can make it.
    • If we get a new bed or bed frame that is taller than the one now, no problemo! It’s completely adjustable!
A bedroom with a bed in a room

in the garden

Green and white garden gloves with hand trimmers and two sheets of paper, one detailing daily, weekly and seasonal garden maintenance, and the other details the fertilization and pruning needs of your plants.

in the home

Hutch with painting in Kitchen.

a few fun finds

Some of these links may be Amazon affiliate links and I may earn a small commission off of the sale of these products to help defray the costs of operating this site, but the price you are charged is not affected. You can see my full disclosure policy here.

  • If you grind your spice blends, cinnamon, peppercorns or chilis, you’ll find this Spice Grinder helpful. You can adjust the fineness of the grate.

Well friends, I’ve got a full week as we are out of town again next week. I’m still working behind the scenes getting some great content published for you.

Enjoy the week!


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  1. Lynn,
    Thanks so much for whatever you did to make me able to open your posts! I sure did miss my Monday visits. Glad to have you back.
    Norene Barker

    1. Yay Norene! I’m cautiously optimistic…it’s been a frustrating process!

      Thanks for letting me know that it is working for you again.

      Hugs, Lynn

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