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News from the Nest, May 22

What an incredible, truly awesome time in which we live!

I am writing to you as we zip along the interstate on our way to Philly to help our daughter pack and move. All these technological advances enable me to compose this note to you somewhere between North Carolina and Pennsylvania; click a button, and have it end up in mailboxes from Melbourne, Australia; Nebraska, USA; and the Eastern Cape, South Africa simultaneously!🤯

That being said, I’m not naive to some of the downsides. Like everything in life, it’s important to have a balance.

new on the blog

If you’ll be preparing a meal to celebrate the fathers or father figures in your world AND those guys are chocolate lovers like the guy in my home, then you’ll want to check out this Brownie Cake. It combines the best of a brownie and chocolate cake. The lightly crisp crust and chewy edges of a brownie share the spotlight with the lighter crumb of a chocolate cake. You are welcome!

Piece of brownie cake on a spatula.

We took a deep dive into growing vegetables in raised garden beds in this post. We discuss which vegetables grow well in raised beds, tips for successful gardening in raised beds, and different types of raised beds.

Corten steel vegetable raised garden beds.

Some of these links may be Amazon affiliate links and I may earn a small commission from the sale of these products to help defray the costs of operating this site, but the price you are charged is not affected. You can see my full disclosure policy here.

from the knit studio

  • This Daisy Stitch Washcloth is a pretty washcloth. Do make sure that you knit with a loose hand, though. It can get tight rather quickly.
Beige washcloths in a wire mesh basket.
knit pouf with a stack of games.

in the kitchen

  • This Insalata Mista is simply a delightful and fresh mixed salad. Its easy, complicated dressing lets the flavors of the vegetables shine.
  • This homemade, gluten-free Rosemary, Nut and Fig bread recipe is perfect for snacking as is or for serving with your favorite cheeses. It’s a relatively low-carb bread recipe that is especially delicious with jelly, jam, and maybe a smear of goat cheese. I like to slice it thinly and toast it. (chef’s kiss!)
Sliced bread with a bowl of goat cheese and honey.
Jars of jams and jellies
  • Typically you see sweet jams and jellies, and we have plenty of those recipes. But some of my favorites are my savory jams! Give this Smoky + Spicy Tomato Jam or this Onion Jam recipe for a delicious savory treat, especially with your favorite cheese and crackers.
Savory onion jam on cheese.
  • Pick up a few sweet potatoes at the grocery store next time you are there and make these super easy Sweet Potato Dog Treats for your most-treasured pup!
Sweet Potato Dog Chews in a Glass Jar, viewed from overhead.

from the craft room

  • I know not everyone has a door sitting about in their attic, but if you do or spy one at your local ReStore or Salvage store, you can make a desk! We made this desk six years ago, and it is the desk I sit down to every day.
Upcycle an old door to create a fantastic desk. An easy DIY project for your office|Home Decor
  • And, while we are on that track, if you have some spare glass globes lying about (doesn’t everyone?), you can make these concrete balls for your garden. If you don’t have a stash of globes cluttering your attic or garage, then keep your eyes peeled for them at your local ReStore.
Concrete Garden Ball in front of plants on brick steps.

around the home

An update on my office for the One Room Challenge,8 tips for successful wall stencilling & a chance to win a Cutting Edge Stencils $50 gift certificate.

Well friends, I hope you found something useful here today!

We are off to get our rental van and start schlepping stuff up and down stairs. Definitely going to get my steps in today!!!


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