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News From the Nest, February 21

I really walk both sides of the line when it comes to Facebook. In general, I look askance at social media as a whole for the obvious negatives that can result from it but, I also know it can help people reconnect and stay connected in a positive way. And every now and then I realize what great good can come of it. And one of those positive reminders just happened to me this month.

I had a private message recently that asked me if I was ‘the Lynn that used to live at *** address’ in Tennessee. The writer went on to tell me that if I was, she had something for me. Her Aunt Jan died recently and as she was going through her aunt’s belongings, she came across a framed cross-stitch sampler with an envelope on the back. Tucked in the envelope was a note that said that upon her passing, please send this to me. The address that she had for me was four moves ago, but I knew I was ‘the Lynn’ and when she told me who her aunt was, I was even more certain.

I very fondly remember her aunt and uncle from our time in Hawaii. They were the most lovely couple and it seems that my grandma, who lived with us, felt the same way. I’ve told you before that I get my need to create, as well as my ‘I can make that’ gene from my grandma. Her hands were always busy; more often than not she was either baking or embroidering. And if she liked you, you were gifted with the treats from her kitchen or her needle. Such was the case with this lovely sampler that Grandma knit for Jan.

An herb sampler.

I don’t know at what point Aunt Jan looked at the embroidery and attached that note to it, asking that it make its way to me. But just that thought fills my heart. And then that her niece undertook a search to find me, four moves later, and lovingly package this picture to mail it across the country to me, my heart overflows! We are good people! The saying can become trite at times, but it is worth remembering…

little acts of kindness carry great weight

  • We enjoyed this Tomato Mozzarella Bruschetta this weekend as an accompaniment to Brothy Beans. The brushchetta is so good and easy to make. Sure, it is at its peak with picked from the vines tomatoes, but it is perfectly delicious in the off-season too, when you are craving a little freshness. This meal always transports me to Tuscany and the simple,but flavorful food that is the hallmark of that region.
Pieces of bread with diced tomatoes and mozzarella.
  • We have several Holly bushes that have both prickly and smoother leaves, on the same bush. Terry and I have often wondered about that, but then I found out why! We also have very hungry deer in our area! Changing its leaf structure is a defense undertaken by holly leaves when they realize that they are on the deer buffet line! It’s true! I know, you are like ‘no way!’. I said the same thing. But, I confirmed it several different ways! And there’s your fun fact for the day!
A close-up of holly leaves.
  • If you are onion or garlic intolerant, but miss a good salsa, I’ve got one for you! A friend of a friend has developed a recipe and now sells it. My girlfriend brought me some and it was really delicious! You don’t miss the onions or garlic! While I am not technically intolerant of these ingredients, I do try to avoid the raw versions in great quantities. This salsa is now my go to!
  • For those of us in the U.S., we know that today is President’s Day, a day set aside to honor all past Presidents of our country. If that weren’t reason enough to celebrate today, it also happens to be…wait for it…National Sticky Bun Day! I’m all about past presidents and all, but…Sticky Buns! Now that’s a holiday I can get behind! It also happens to be National Grain-Free Day. And while I don’t have a President or Sticky Bun recipe to share, I do have a wonderful grain-free bread that will become one of your favorites, whether you are grain-free or not. This Rosemary, Fig and Nut Bread is delicious on its own, but when you toast it, it is the perfect healthier alternative to cracker for your cheese!
Sliced bread with a bowl of goat cheese and honey.

A tea cup with grass growing and a small blue speckled egg.
  • Would you love to learn to knit? I’ve got you covered! Learn to knit with these illustrated, step-by-step lessons. Videos will also help show the process.

If you want to learn how to knit or are looking to brush up on your knitting skills and knowledge, pop over to the How to Knit page, which houses all of the posts that teach knitting skills. Or, you could go ahead and visit each one by clicking the links below.

All About Knitting

  • And finally, I can’t even begin to tell you how often I refer to this Measuring Equivalents Chart! It made the move from our last house and is posted on the inside of my cabinet door here. You can nab it in the Subscriber Benefits Library. The super secret password is at the bottom of every Monday newsletter!

Have a fantastic week, my friends.


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