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News from the Nest, August 28

Happy Day!

It just dawned on me that we will transition into September this week! 🤯 We have intentionally tried to be home more this year because we knew the fall would be really busy, and all of a sudden, it is almost fall!

Excuse me while I step away to have a minor panic attack!


O.K., I’m back. Deep breath!

My challenge is that I love to travel AND I love being home. I like to have an orderly and organized life, but coming and going often disrupt that order. I know, first-world problems. I’m not complaining at all; I just need to get my ducks in a row for the rest of the year.

  • We started watching Painkiller on Netflix this weekend. Another really well-done portrayal of the opioid epidemic.
  • I binge-listened to Scamanda this week. Holy cow! I don’t want to give anything away, but it is worth a listen if you enjoy ‘true crime’ podcasts. It had been recommended to me multiple times, but for whatever reason, the description just didn’t appeal to me. But once I started listening, I couldn’t stop. It actually physically affected me; I realized I was clenching my stomach! STOP READING THE REST OF THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU HAVEN’T LISTENED YET, I DON’T WANT TO GIVE ANYTHING AWAY! So, if you have listened to it already, tell me, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most likely, how likely is it that her husband WAS in on it? And her mom?

New on the Blog

Baked Rigatoni in white baking dish.
Finished DIY Bar Cabinet with light.

From the Knit + Crochet Studio

  • This Knit Purse Pattern uses the Half-Linen Stitch for the body of the purse. This easy-to-make handbag is lined and features detachable leather handles for easy washing.
knit purse on counter.
Linen Cocktail napkins with crochet edge on wooden surface.

From the Kitchen

  • This Savory Onion Jam can be canned for pantry storage, refrigerated, or frozen. No matter how you store it, it will quickly become one of your favorite condiments with endless possibilities.
Savory onion jam on cheese.
  • Arepas are very simply flat cornbread, almost like thick tortillas, that hail from South America, specifically Venezuela and Colombia. They are made from masarepa, a pre-cooked cornmeal, and, therefore, a great gluten-free bread option for those who need or want it.
Arepa are gluten-free, thick tortilla-like bread from South America. This Arepa recipe is easy to make and is the perfect gluten free substitute for bread.
  • This 15 Bean Soup Recipe is easy to make in the slow cooker and can be made healthier by substituting Smoked Turkey Wings and/or Legs instead of Smoked Ham Hocks. Instructions for making this soup in the slow cooker, stovetop, or oven are included. Additionally, adjustments for soaking or not soaking your dried beans are discussed.
bowl of 15 bean soup (1 of 1)-3
  • This Savory Quickbread would be great to serve alongside your soup! You can also add all the dry ingredients to a jar with the recipe attached for an appreciated gift.

Arts + Crafts

  • This Oyster Shell Mirror remains one of my all-time favorite projects and will always hang in a place of pride. If you have access to a fresh fish store, you can most likely get the shells for free, making this a very inexpensive project.
Oyster Shell Mirror.
  • Simple French Knots fill the outline of an initial for this fun Monogram Pillow. It’s a great mindless project when you have a great show to watch.
Pillow with block K

In the Garden

I haven’t complained about the dearth of tomatoes I harvested for a bit. I went for counseling and am at peace with the fact that we filled the bellies of many a mockingbird this summer. I’ve accepted that mockingbirds like tomatoes too, and it was selfish for me to think I could both grow them AND eat them.

On the flipside, we have harvested no less than 10 butternut squash from a volunteer seed that found its way into my flower garden when I spread compost! Luckily, it seems that the critters that live in my backyard don’t really like butternut squash! Yay for us!

I took a few minutes this weekend to get my seeds started for the fall. Thus far, I’ve planted kale, arugula, spinach, cilantro, and broccoli seeds. I’ve ordered broccoli rabe seeds, so will plant those when they arrive. We will also sow a few Fava beans and Sugar Snaps in the ground.

In the past, I’ve pulled up all the roots of summer’s garden plants. This year, I will definitely leave the roots of all our green beans in the garden, and maybe the roots of some others. We realized that the soil we used to fill our beds this spring was probably not the healthiest, so in addition to adding compost from the bin, I’m looking to let the roots decompose and add nutrients.

If you aren’t already composting, it is not too late to start! Check out this primer on why you want to and how to compost.

Make sure to check out great companion plants for the cool weather crops, Kale and Broccoli as you plan and plant your fall and winter garden.

House and Home

I saw a great saying this week that I wholeheartedly endorse:

Clutter breeds clutter; Order brings order

Keeping clutter at bay is an ongoing process for all of us, bu the more we stay on it, the more orderly our home and our lives! There is no doubt that my mind is calmer when my space is clutter-free and ordered.

On My Nightstand

It’s the end of the month, so it’s time to recap the books I’ve read and enjoyed (or not) this year. I’ve had several requests for my year-long book list, so I’ve made it a stand-alone post hoping that it will be easier to find whenever you need it.

A Few Fun Finds

Well friends! I’m off to ‘get stuff done!’

Let’s meet up next week, same time.


Signature of Lynn

Thanks for making my day by SHARING!!

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  1. beautiful post,i read it twice! tb sure i did not miss anything.it was great,thank you for all your hard work,it really shows.

    1. Aw, thanks so much Jen! I started this blog on a whim several years back and it has brought me so much enjoyment, primarly because I am able to ‘meet’ the most lovely people, like you! And you are so very welcome! Sharing all these articles brings me joy!

      Have a great day!


  2. Yes Lynn we’ve just watched Painkiller. Oh my word what an insight into the Pharma world. HORRORS!!
    In a similar vein (pun unintended!) we’re watching Dr Death on STAN. Makes one think twice about surgery done by an unknown orthopod!!

    1. Hi Jill,

      It is very well done and unnerving! My husband just had outpatient surgery last week and was prescribed Oxycontin. Luckily, he managed just fine with Tylenol!

      Dr. Death was very good as well! Ugh.

      Have a great day!


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