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News From the Nest, January 24

Good Morning, my friends!

We are coming off of a lovely weekend!

The weekend started with an ice storm Friday. I know that sounds bad, but in my area, it really wasn’t. We had prepared for something much worse; we had the generator filled, food in the pantry, etc. Schools and businesses were closed, so no one really had to go anywhere. It ended up being one of those days where I had permission to stay in and stay warm…and knit!

The ice melted in time for us to join our fantastic Game Night crew Saturday night for an outstanding dinner, a fun game, and a much-needed night of laughter. And then, we had another wonderful dinner of laughter, good fun, and love with mom last night!

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  • But then, I did a thing. I decided I would do a little research into these little critters so that I could tell my brother how to avoid the damage in the future. That ended up being a combined lesson in ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ AND ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ I had always assumed it was moths that eat clothes, which is bad enough. But then I learned that it was actually their larvae after the moth laid its eggs in the cloths, that chew the holes. For some reason, for me, the thought of larvae crawling and chewing through my sweaters is MUCH yuckier than a moth chomping away. And then, if you do get moths/larvae in your closet, it’s not an easy fix to get rid of them. So, while I have no reason to believe that we have moths in our closets, I am going to be proactive in preventing them from coming in the first place. I’ve laid out everything I learned and what I am going to do to prevent clothe eating moths in this post.

O.K., enough talk about bugs.

Heart-shaped chocolate with non-pareil and dried fruit.
white blanket on brown sofa.
  • If you are knitting gifts, make sure to nab these printable labels to tell the recipient how to care for their knitted treasure.
Blanket and Tag
  • Are you familiar with Arepa? If you don’t know what an Arepa is, don’t feel bad.  Neither did I. But all that changed when Terry and I had dinner at a new Latin restaurant in town. Arepas are very simply flat cornbread, almost like thick tortillas, that hail from South America, specifically Venezuela and Colombia. I was intrigued so did a little research on this new food. The fact that arepas are gluten-free was a big plus for me as I am always looking for gluten-free bread options. And, they are easy to make and are a great substitute for bread.

Well, friends, I am signing off. I would love to finish this too cute baby blanket today! Think polka dots and pom poms! Hope to publish this post and pattern in the near future.


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  1. Thanks for starting my week. Think I would enjoy having you fir a neighbor. When we have ice or snow storms here in Pa…I curl up with a cup of tea and either knitting needles or a crochet hook. Of course there is the option of a good book . Usually I have soup simmering in the crockpot and enjoy staying in.it is nice to be grateful fir these special days. Just finished crocheting a baby blanket for my grand nieces baby who should make an appearance in early April. We are so excited to have a baby in our lives. Madison Mae won’t be spoiled…just over loved
    Hope your week is filled with blessings

    1. Hi Barbs!

      Thanks for your sweet message! Sounds like we would be good neighbors! Where in Pennsylvania? I went to Penn State, my dad’s from Erie and mom’s from Pittsburgh. Many of my friends and family still live in Pittsburgh. My daughter is currently in Philadelphia! We pretty much have the whole state covered.

      April will be here before you know it! What a sweet name! Madison Mae! I know you are all over the moon.

      Thanks for writing in today and stay warm!



  2. I love Mondays!! I can’t wait to read your emails and see what interesting things you have on the web site.
    You are awesome! 😊

    1. Oh Pat,

      I don’t have the words to express the joy your message brought to me today! I do love doing this, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun and rewarding without comments like yours. Just knowing that you took a few minutes of your busy day to pen those kind words is…just…so wonderful! I’m glad I didn’t put you off with my moth monologue!

      Have a wonderful day, my friend.



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