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News from the Nest, September 14

Good Wednesday Morning, my friends.

I know you typically hear from me Monday morning, but we were gathered with our family and friends to say our final goodbye to my dad on Monday. My dad’s career in the Navy gave him the option to choose Arlington National Cemetery as his final resting place. And the service that the Navy gave my dad to honor his service and rank was truly goosebump-inspiring. I’ve always cherished my Navy roots, and this service further cemented that feeling.

Thankfully, Arlington has several photographers they work with, and one reached out to us, or we wouldn’t have even considered a photographer. I think we’ll receive the photos in a week or so. Because we were behind the caisson, were never really saw it, the horses or the sailors ahead of the horses. I’m anxious to see the whole procession.

But my girlfriend snapped this sweet photo of my brother and me on either side of my mom. In front of us, you can see the horse-drawn caisson following a Navy band.

So, thanks for ‘going with the flow and welcoming me into your inbox on a Wednesday! 😘

new on the blog

I was actually pretty productive before we headed to DC last week! Yay for me! 🤩

  • If you are in a Fall state of mind, you’ll love this White Bean and Ham Soup with Vegetables. It’s a lighter, brothier version of a bean soup, which is what I was aiming for.
  • The soup base is ham stock, but you could sub chicken. This ham stock recipe is one of several stock recipes I’ve published, along with Turkey Stock and Chicken Stock. Beef and Vegetable are in the works! The Chicken Stock post also gives detailed directions to can your stock, making it shelf-stable. Those directions are suitable for any meat stock or broth you make.

saving money in the kitchen

  • Making and canning my own stocks and broths is one way I save money in the kitchen. I originally started canning our stocks, broths, and soups as a way to control the salt and unnecessary ingredients in our food. But I slowly realized that not only is canning the healthier alternative, but it is also more economical and environmentally friendlier. I buy chicken wings in bulk when they are on sale but also save the carcasses whenever we have a roast chicken. The same for beef broth; I save the rib bones from our Thanksgiving and Christmas roast beef, along with any steak bones that come our way, which become the base for my beef broth. Save a ham bone from your Easter or Sunday ham and use it for the ham broth.
  • Keep a bag in your freezer with vegetable bits and bobs, especially parsley, garlic, onions, celery, and carrots. When I’m on my game, I’ll go through my produce drawers before we travel and freeze anything at its peak. All these will go into the next stock pot.
  • When I’m done with my stock, I’ll pull the meat off the bone and tuck it in little muffin tins, which I then freeze. Flora LOVES it when I make stock. We replace some of her dry kibble with a meat muffin for several weeks. Make sure to you don’t get onion or garlic in with your meat…not good for your pups.Meat in muffin tins for dogs.
  • More ways to reduce food waste (thereby saving money) in the kitchen.
  • How to eat well for less…groceries to buy on a budget.
  • Being eco-friendly can also be budget-friendly! Check out these eco-friendly products and ideas for your kitchen.

bits and bobs

Well, dear friends…

Thanks again for your flexibility this week. I’m getting back into the groove of things after working to get dad’s service and reception organized.


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