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Monday Musings, August 16

Good Morning friends!

I’m thinking of changing my newsletter name from ‘Monday Musings’ to ‘News from the Nest’…what do you think? There are several ‘Monday Musings’ out there and it is beginning to feel tired to me. But I’d love your input!

Mom and I flew to Columbus, Ohio this weekend to celebrate mom’s granddaughter/my niece at her Bridal Shower. It was so lovely! The two soon-to-be Mother-in-Laws did a fantastic job. And it was just so nice to hang with family for the weekend. There was much hearty laughter and lots of good food.

But flying…hmmm…that was my first flight since before the pandemic. Suffice it to say that it is a good thing I am not in healthcare because wearing a mask for 7 straight hours was just a tad claustrophobic! I have even more respect and admiration for those frontline, healthcare, and essential workers who have been wearing them for 8+ hours a day for the past year.

So, Terry and I may have gotten a little too excited when we found a new-to-us TV show last night. We recently subscribed to Britbox and when we saw that Midsomer Murders has 21 seasons…we may have done the Snoopy Dance! Is it a sad statement about us that knowing that we have 126 episodes to watch excites us? That means that for one-third of a year we don’t have to look for something to watch in the evening!

After much promising, I finally published the first six tutorials in my ‘How to Knit’ series. There is much more to come, but if you would like to learn to knit, these illustrated posts with written instruction and videos should get you there. In fact, my goal was that you would be able to knit a washcloth with the first 6 posts. So, give them a try! And please let me know if they help and if there is something I could do to make them even more helpful.

If you want to learn how to knit or are looking to brush up on your knitting skills and knowledge, pop over to the How to Knit page, which houses all of the posts that teach knitting skills. Or, you could go ahead and visit each one by clicking the links below.

All About Knitting

How to Simplify Your Life to Reduce Stress

Make a Coldframe using old windows.

I love my cast iron skillets, but I didn’t always take good care of them. Here’s how to rescue your neglected cast iron and keep it in tip-top shape.

This fig conserve is the perfect fall treat on a charcuterie board, in a grilled cheese sandwich or dolloped over yogurt.

These customizable drawer divider holders make organizing a drawer so easy!

You may want to make a few loaves of this Apple Spice Bread. You will want to keep some on your own, but it makes very appreciated gifts as well.

Well, my lovelies. I hope you have a Marvelous Monday, a Terrific Tuesday, a Wonderful Wednesday, a…well you get the idea.

Until next week!


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    1. Thanks for your 👍🏼 Maura,

      I’ve begun the process for a general, but modest, rebrand over the next couple of months and think I ought to wrap the Monday Musings up with it.

      Thanks again for your input! I ❤my readers!



  1. Good Morning Miss Lynn! I love your Monday Musings, but I think ‘News from the Nest’ has a lovely ring to it. And you could use it any day you like.

    The Fig Conserve and Apple Spice Bread sound wonderful. And I love Midsomer Murders, especially the location. The villages and gardens that are the backdrop for all manner of horrible homicides are beautiful.

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks Alison!

      Your line, “The villages and gardens that are the backdrop for all manner of horrible homicides are beautiful.” truly made me laugh! But isn’t it the truth! What a lovely place for murder!🤣🤣🤣

      And thanks for chiming in on the name change. I was ready for a little rearranging, and it is a heck of a lot easier than rearraning the den!

      Have a wonderful week.



  2. Wow, you have been hard at work Lynn! Love the idea of News from the Nest! And so glad you went to your nieces bridal shower! And yes, for sure it’s not easy being in a mask that long! Hugs to you, happy Monday!

  3. Hi Lynn,
    The title “News from the Nest” has a comfy, cosy sound to it in keeping with all the wonderful advice you offer us for our homes and well being.

    1. Aw, thanks for the kind words, Helen! Offering good tips and fun ideas is absolutely my goal!

      I really appreciate your input. It will be a slow roll-out of some minor changes, but I was ready for a change. Rather like rearranging the den furniture, but my hubby doesn’t complain! 🤣

      Have a wonderful day!



  4. Interesting – – – and small world. Your newsletter caught my eye one day a few months ago because I vacationed at Wrightsville Beach every year for at least 18 yrs. Also my first husband was from Clinton NC and we visited family in the area quite often. In fact, my daughter is visiting her aunt right now in Newton Grove. I grew up in Columbus Ohio but now live in a senior facility in Circleville about 25 miles of Columbus. I chuckled when I read your message today telling about the trip to Columbus with your mother for your nieces bridal shower. I thought , our paths probably have crossed at some point in our lives.

    1. Holy Mackerel Linda! We surely have crossed paths! What a small world, but ours seems to be between Columbus and North Carolina! I’ll be back in Columbus (God Willing and we don’t go back into lockdown) in a few weeks for the wedding! My husband is from Columbus, but coincidentally my brother and his family ended up there 20 years ago. My husband is a HUGE Buckeye fan…which, since I am not a Buckeye fan, can be quite annoying! 😁

      Wishing you a wonderful day, my friend.



  5. Good morning, Lynnn– Editor of “News from the Nest.” Love it–catchy and quite different–you go girl!!! Although I have been knitting for a very LONG time–I often appreciate reinforcement–and find beginner techniques extremely helpful! I knit with the garter stitch for all my beanies–quick and easy! Just finished 25 hats to send to Operation Gratitude for the Deployed Christmas boxes. Use this simple pattern–but, to make them individual and attractive for both male/female–I use either two (or three) different colors in various sizes of stripes. This project is SO meaningful–and I love knitting for veterans and the Deployed–my favorite projects, as well as chemo hats and many baby gifts. Look forward to the “new” edition of “News from the Nest.” Lots of rain here in Marion, NC!!!!! Take care. Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra Lee,

      Marion! You are up in the Mountains! I love it up there. We are planning a trip to Asheville this December…fingers crossed we aren’t back in lockdown!

      And thanks for the ‘go girl’…I do need a change from time to time and while this won’t be drastic, it’ll be a bit of a refresh.

      I love the idea of knitting for Operation Gratitude! I’ll be sure to share that in my next newsletter. Do you put together all the boxes or do you work with others and add your hats?

      Have a wonderful day in the beautiful Smokey Mountains!



  6. Hi Lynn. I’m thoroughly enjoying your Monday Musings but look forward to News from the Nest – great name change if you go with it. My husband and I love Midsomer Murders – have you seen Foyle’s War? Another great British mystery series set in a small English village during the Second World War. My all-time favourite is the mystery series starring Adam Dalgleish, both the television series and books by P.D. James. Happy viewing!

    1. Thanks Mary,

      We did watch Foyle’s War a while ago…I need to see if there have been any new episodes. And I haven’t heard of the Adam Dalgliesh one! I will look into it. We are currently bouncing between Midsomer Murders and MI-15. We really like the actress Nicola Walker. Which reminds me…Did you watch River? Oh my heavens…one of the best shows I’ve seen…it’s only one season. Highly recommend.

      Have a great day and thanks for name change input.



  7. Hi Lynn!
    ‘News from the Nest’ is a great name. It sounds fun and welcoming.
    I enjoy your newsletters and am looking forward to trying the recipes. I love to knit and even though I am not a new knitter, there is always something to learn. 🙂

    1. Thanks Karen,

      It will be a slow roll-out…but just a wee change. Trying for a more cohesive look.

      And I’m working on some new knit patterns as well, so those will be rolling out soon as well.

      Have a great day and thanks for your input.



    1. I agree Debie, change is good! I’m going slowly, but feel the need for a more cohesive look for all printables, etc…

      I hope all is well with you just up the coast. Did you get that serious rain on FRiday? Holy cow!

      Have a great day.



  8. So glad to hear you discovered Midsomer Murders. My 3 sisters and I all love it. I am on my 3rd time around watching it. (And this is after originally seeing only some of the seasons on PBS.) I am up to season 13 and I have to tell you, this is one of my favorite seasons. I’m looking forward to seeing future comments from you about it. I like your idea for a new name, but it will always be a great newsletter, no matter what you call it.

    1. Hi BetteAnn,

      You’ve watched three times? All 21 seasons? Holy Cow! We are skipping between Midsomer Murders and MI-15 and enjoying them both.

      And thanks for the nod for the new name! I’m ready for a wee change!

      Have a great day, my friend.



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